Japan working to create anti-gravity Moon Buildings very soon

The dream for many astronomers is to find a planet that other people can live in. Then again, it doesn’t need to be a planet with many settling for the moon. While mankind has yet to discover much use for the moon, Japan is hoping to give people an actual home there.

But how well this be done? Well, with Anti-gravity buildings, of course! But don’t expect them for a long, long time.

My room’s on the moon

Japan has announced that this anti-gravity moon building project is called “The Glass” and will take place in a huge 1,300-foot-tall rotating structure. “The Glass” was announced during a July 5 press conference held by Kyoto University researchers and Kajima Corporation, which is a construction firm based in Tokyo.

Yosuke Yamashiki, the director of Kyoto University’s SIC Human Spaceology Center, told The Asahi Shimbun that “There is no plan like this in other countries’ space development plans.” Said plan involves creating “artificial gravity living facilities" that aim to create the feeling of being on Earth while on the moon.

“Developing an artificial gravity residential facility with Kyoto University will be a watershed moment in space research,” said Takuya Ohno, an architect, and researcher at Kajima, in the press statement. “We will work to make this joint research meaningful for humankind.”

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Not in a hundred years

Just in case anyone’s attempting to go to astronaut school so they can live in the moon forever, the reports claim that we won’t be seeing “The Glass” in at least one hundred years. While there are hopes to bring “The Glass” to the actual moon earlier, the more likely scenario seems to be 2122.

A simplified version of The Glass has been discussed, with hopes of bringing it to the moon in 2050. However, it seems that this will likely be used as a beta for the Japanese researchers to build upon, though nothing has officially been announced regarding that. Expect more news soon regarding The Moon if it is coming earlier.

In addition to “The Glass” on the Moon, Japan is also hoping to bring anti-gravity buildings to Mars. Apparently, the idea is to “reduce the impact on the health of people living on the moon or Mars that could be caused by low gravity,” according to the Asahi Shimbun report.

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