Humans will undoubtedly attack aliens before they attack us, says scientist

Humanity has often longed for the stars, wishing to find other species out in the expanse. But if humans and aliens collided, would it be a peaceful interaction? Absolutely not, and if you think otherwise you’re adorably naive. 

With humanity’s history of violence and colonialism, it’s impossible to believe that humans and aliens would get along. Now, scientist Albert Canaletto

Will humans attack aliens first?

In the report, Canaletto explained that humans are far more likely to be the invading aliens than being invaded by another force. In fact, the chances of extraterrestrial’s being the initial threat is incredibly minimal.

The scientist came up with minuscule odds of humanity being invaded by aliens, just 0.0014%. Of course, this is good news for us as we don’t particularly want to be invaded, but bad for any existing extraterrestrials as we are the much bigger threat.

Canaletto explains that humanity would more likely attack aliens due to the fact that extraterrestrials reaching Earth would likely already be non-violent. With Earth unlikely to be the first planet of additional contact for alien races, there would be no reason to attack humanity.

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The Kardashev Scale

In his report, Canaletto explains that the war-going nature of species changes as they become more technologically advanced. Specifically, as civilisations start to use more energy, they are less likely to attack.

Canaletto calls this The Kardashev Scale. If an alien race reached Earth, it would likely be a “Galactic” civilisation. This means that the race would be able to harness energy from the entirety of the known universe, thus not needing to fight Earth over resources.

“Data from last century shows that the frequency of invasions between countries have gradually decreased as time goes by,” the scientist told Forbes.

With this in mind, aliens coming to Earth are more likely to come to Earth purely for scientific purposes. However, humanity might wish to fight in order to advance technologically and gain access to more resources.

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