China officially starts work on finding Earth 2.0 out in the cosmos

With the Earth’s living state constantly in question, China has decided to search for Earth 2.0 in hopes of a better tomorrow. Details on the mission are expected to be released this month but we do know that the country has plans to search for more hospitable exoplanets.

How will we find Earth 2.0?

Funded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the plan is to use a new Earth 2.0 satellite to find exoplanets human beings can live on. Currently, the satellite is finishing its design phase and will need to pass a review by a panel of experts in June before they start looking for our new home.

Should the Earth 2.0 satellite get the green light, the team will receive additional funding to make this journey a reality. If things go to plan, China will release the satellite to search for Earth 2.0 by the end of 2026. Whether they actually find more hospitable planets is another question in itself, but let’s try to be positive about the development.

This satellite will reportedly have seven massive telescopes that can search for these planets faster. China will have to finalize this plan well though since the panel will be reviewing every minute detail to see if Earth 2.0 is actually feasible.

Is there hope for an Earth 2.0?

More than 5,000 exoplanets were reportedly discovered in 2018 but they still lack some of the things we need to consider them hospitable. has claimed that some of these new exoplanets almost resembled earth, having rocky exteriors and orbiting red dwarf stars, but they still lack our more important needs like water.

Considering how many planets we haven’t discovered over the years and Elon Musk trying to terraform Mars, it’s clear that Earth 2.0 won’t be found in a day. Still, there are hard people at work and we hope China is able to find something that will give us hope.

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