China believes it’s been contacted by an alien civilisation

China believes it has made contact with aliens
Credit: Unsplash

China believes it has made contact with aliens
Credit: Unsplash

We’re all waiting for when we can contact alien life-forms and travel to other planets for various sci-fi-based hijinks. There’s a good chance that we’ll never get to live out our Star Trek fantasies, but we’re still hoping to make contact with some form of life out there.

And now, it seems that China may have had that chance, as they claim that aliens might have contacted them.

UFO enthusiasts should take the news with a grain of salt, as this could just be transmission issues. Everyone wants to meet aliens, or get affirmation that there is more life up there, but is this it?

China's first contact with aliens

China claims that its Sky Eye telescope may have found signs of alien civilisations, stating it received electromagnetic signals different from previous signals the telescope has encountered.

Prior to this, the team at Sky Eye received unusual signals in 2019 and 2020. Getting another one of these two years after is definitely intriguing.

Many have gone out of their way to say that China’s Sky Eye could be a big help in finding more life out there, even though they haven’t had many results. The telescope is pretty hefty, and if any country is going to find aliens, it could be them. However, it seems too good to be true after the initial reports about China's big discovery were pulled.

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False alarm?

The story of China’s Sky Eye making contact with aliens was first broken by Science and Technology Daily. However, it has since deleted these reports. Instead, Bloomberg ended up doing the follow-up. Science and Technology Daily has not responded to others reaching out about the deletion nor has it explained.

Most people will think that this was a false alarm, possibly random radio signals from other forms of technology. There’s a good chance that either the teams realised this and deleted the post.

It could also mean that they did make contact with aliens and don’t want to tell anyone else, but that rhetoric usually comes from the tin foil hat crowd.

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