Space Tourism pops off for $350,000 per trip, via China

Space tourism is something many have dreamed about, traveling through the stars as easily as one does in sci-fi shows. China is confident that we’ll be living in that future soon, with reports claiming they will launch it by 2025.

Admittedly, it’s hard to take the news too seriously, considering all of the training needed to go to outer space. If we do get this unique attraction in a few years, expect it to be the talk of the town.

China launching space tourism by 2025?

Inventiva reports that China has plans to launch its space tourism program by 2025 and it will cost $350,000. Yang Yiqiang, who helped bring rocket usage to the mainstream in China, says space tourism reaches its potential by 2027.

Continuing on, the scientist claims that the country’s rocket science has made advancements that can lead to normalized space travel. Apparently, the plan is to have up to seven people soaring to the sky and soaring above 100 kilometers, essentially hitting space.

Due to space travel being a big deal, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that these trips might only last 10 minutes. Unless more advanced technology is discovered, maybe people can stay in space longer, but that’s not currently an option.

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No longer a dream?

While most people are still skeptical about space tourism becoming a thing, those in China seem to be really confident. Currently, the idea to bring tourists to space for 10 minutes is still being worked on but it's definitely intriguing.

“A space trip for regular people is no longer a pipe dream thanks to space technology. Travelers will have a wholly unique experience in space that they have never had before,” said Yiqiang.

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