Re-freezing Earth with sodium jets proposed to stop Global Warming

Global Warming continues to be a major issue that the Earth is facing, with many worried for our future. To fight the threat, scientists are suggesting that jets with sodium should try to re-freeze Earth to stop Global Warming.

We haven’t seen a lot of options to fight this threat, aside from recycling and trying to keep Earth cleaner. Maybe using jets to drop sodium is the best solution, even if it sounds like a ridiculous idea on paper.

A controversial way to fight Global Warming?

Sky News reports that these jets would have to spray microscopic aerosol particles into the atmosphere to fight Global Warming. However, this would require 175,000 flights a year to release enough carbon dioxide that can, theoretically, make Earth colder.

Yale University researcher Wake Smith came up with this study, claiming that it would be worthwhile, though also very costly. While some feel that this method would just stall the inevitable, Smith says it’s a worthwhile endeavor and won’t make things worse.

"It's aspirin, not penicillin. It's not a substitute for decarbonisation," Smith said.

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The method has critics

Despite wanting to stop Global Warming, many feel that this method has the potential to make things a lot worse. While Smith says its not decarbonization, critics aren’t convinced and feel it could damage our atmosphere worse than it is.

"If the risk-benefit equation were to pay off anywhere, it would be at the poles," Smith argues. "Any intentional turning of the global thermostat would be of common interest to all of humanity."

We’re not scientists, so we can’t pretend to know a better solution right now. Hopefully, we get some kind of solution in the near future.

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