The Best Manor Lords Units

Manor Lords Units fighting near river
Credit: Slavic Magic

Manor Lords Units fighting near river
Credit: Slavic Magic

While Manor Lords is mostly about improving your settlement, there are loads to do for expanding your civilization through war and tactics. One of the tactics is to accumulate the best Manor Lords units to your garrison.

Your village, finances, and the land need thorough protection, so you must hire only the best. What better way to know who makes for the most competent units in your militia than learning about the units?

In this guide, we'll look into the different units in Manor Lords, and check how to hire them. Let's begin.

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Manor Lords Units

Manor Lords Unit Types

There are three types of units in Manor Lords:

  • Mercenaries
  • Militia
  • Peasants or Personal Retinue.

You can hire mercenaries anytime you wish, given that you have enough finances in your treasury. Their payments happen once every month, so you can keep a group of them handy when time gets tough.

You might wonder, what time's best to appoint and use mercenaries. Whenever you're under a threat, and don't have enough manpower or resources to tackle it, mercenaries are your friends.

You can appoint them by going to your army tab and clicking on 'Create a New Unit.' Here, you'll find an icon of a hand dropping some gold coins which represent the mercenary guild.

On the other hand, your militia are directly from your village households. These can be the men tending to your crops, and each comes with their weapons. You can have archers, footmen, polearm users, and sphere users.

The game will divide your militia among different squads. Each squad has a maximum of 30 units, and the militia can only join if they have an equippable weapon.

As for your retinue, you can appoint them after you build a personal manor. After this, every unit you employ is customizable. Which means you can change their looks and names for a more personal touch. Moreover, you can upgrade your retinue, making them slightly better, stat-wise, than most militia recruits.

The size of your peasant units depends on how large the rooms in your manor are. As for militia, you pay them directly from your treasury. Each of these units’ performance and improvement depends on how you take care of them and how happy they are under your reign. So, make sure you maintain proper housing and food supplies for positive attributes.

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Manor Lords Best Unit

Which is the Best Manor Lords Unit?

Out of these, if you’re looking for the best, each has its unique utility. Mercenaries help to keep small trouble at bay, while the militia ensures your victory from the frontlines.

As for the retinue, these are your village's strongest men, who also help to improve your land, while taking up arms to save the kingdom when necessary. They are also the most hardworking units in your region, whose death can bring about negative changes in your settlements. The reason for this is the same peasants who form a part of your militia, are also responsible for tending to the crops and farmlands.

Their absence can reduce the quality of your cultivation. Hence, they form the best units in Manor Lords, thanks to them taking up multiple tasks to keep your region safe and thriving. Of course, forming a roster of every type of unit will ensure steady and strategic victory. 

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Manor Lords weapons

How to Equip Manor Lords Units

Now that you have a competent military in Manor Lords, it's time to equip them with the best-in-class weapons and armaments. Various ways exist to bring in the necessary upgrades for your armies.

For starters, you can keep the option 'armament delivery' active. While this setting is on, if you successfully construct:

  • Five houses
  • A storehouse

You unlock a free shipment of spears and heavy shields. This is as you've now constructed a house and facilities for 20 spearmen. If you need more weapons, you can get them from the Trading Post Building by trading or by purchasing them.

Additionally, if you love crafting and gathering in city-building games, you can train yourself to make weapons for your units. A shorter route from this is trading. However, it's an expensive option, as you also need to ensure trade routes, one for each type of equipment.

In conclusion, armies in Manor Lords have some useful categories and are easy to acquire. There are also effective ways to equip them with the best-in-class armour and weapons. So, try out this game today and build yourself, a formidable unit to protect and preserve your land.

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