Xiaomi CyberOne humanoid robot beats Tesla Bot to rule your home

The era of humanoid robotic helpers is apparently here with the reveal of the Xiaomi CyberOne. As one of the first household humanoid robots to market, this is a miraculous achievement, albeit one with issues.

What is Xiaomi CyberOne?

Revealed during an event in Beijing, the Xiaomi CyberOne robot is a mechanical humanoid helper. At the event, the robot walked — or waddled — on stage to show off to the crowd.

This is in stark contrast to the reveal of Tesla’s still-unseen Tesla Bot. Last year, Tesla’s reveal of its upcoming robot was simply humans in cosplay. However, we should finally see the robot this September.

In the presentation, the CyberOne robot walked on stage and handed a flower to Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun. The two shared a conversation in Chinese before taking a selfie with the company’s new folding phone.

Jun explains that all of the robot’s features and mechanisms are made in-house at Xiaomi. Everything from its hardware to sensors to AI and more at made by the company, instead of relying on third-parties.

Amongst the robot’s massive array of features, the Xiaomi CyberOne can detect emotions. One of its main purposes is to be able to identify sadness in a companion and then comfort them without prompt.

Furthermore, the robot’s Mi-Sense Vision AI is able to see and understand full 3D environments. Furthermore, it can recognise gestures, expressions and individuals and their voices.

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Xiaomi CyberOne Release Date

One thing that was not touched on during the company’s presentation was when the robot will actually release. As of now, there is no Xiaomi CyberOne release date. Will it beat Tesla Bot to market?

All we can say is that we can see a working prototype of the CyberOne. Unlike Tesla Bot, this robotic companion is walking, even if it does walk like it’s soiled itself.

Nevertheless, it’s an impressive piece of kit. It’ll be interesting to see how it compares to the likes of Tesla Bot when both arrive to market. Furthermore, it’ll be even more impressive to see just how many people buy the device.

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