Short Circuit’s Johnny 5 revived as an adorable working robot

Short Circuit was one of your typical ‘80s comedies that viewers either loved or hated, with the most memorable part being the adorable robot Johnny 5. After a successful first movie and a second film that no one acknowledges, one fan decided to take it upon themselves to recreate the Johnny 5 robot and they succeeded.

Johnny 5 is real

The Sun confirmed that Fan Ryan Howard spent £20,000 just to recreate the fan-favorite robot from Short Circuit. Ryan is a forklift engineer and claims that he has been working on Johnny 5 since 2018, working on the robot 14 hours a day, even missing various family occasions just to make this a reality.

Ryan was able to make Johnny 5 a reality by using a 3D printer and various metal parts to bring the Short Circuit robot to life. The man was so passionate about putting Johnny 5 together that he and his family ended up moving to a house with an annex just so they could have a place for this robot.

While Ryan seemingly has no regrets spending all this time on Johnny 5, he does wish he could bring this robot out to the public for a drink or two. Ryan said: “I wish I could take him down to the local pub, but he’s very wide so I have access issues.” They do take him to conventions when they can, so at least Johnny can interact with the public there.

An image of the working robot, via The Sun
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An image of the working robot, via The Sun

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Johnny 5 approved

It seems that all of Ryan’s work has paid off since this recreation of Johnny 5 has been acknowledged by Tim Blaney, who voiced the robot in the original movie. Considering how much time he has spent working on this recreation of Johnny 5, we can imagine how validated he feels.

We’re interested in seeing what else this recreation of Johnny 5 has in its future. Hopefully, its existence doesn’t convince Hollywood to make another movie with the robot because nobody liked Short Circuit 2.

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