Jetpack Racing Series looking to join Air Race World Championship 2022

Despite the fact that no one wants to buy jetpacks, the technology can certainly draw a crowd. From the 1984 Olympics to modern-day YouTube, the inclusion of propulsion backpacks makes everything more fun. So why is there no Jetpack Racing Series?

Well, that's a sports entertainment market that may finally be explored in 2022. Reported by New Atlas, a new group is looking to turn jetpack races into an official extreme sports; the sport of the future!

Will Jetpack Racing be at the Air Race World Championship?

California-based startup JetPack Aviation is trying very hard to create the first racing series for jetpacks. CEO David Mayman confirmed that the startup company is working with Air Race World Championship to create the event. The ARWC was previously known as the Red Bull Air Race competition.

JetPack Aviation wants to create a “parallel jetpack racing series” that will see multiple pilots race “head to head”. However, races will not just be a typical lap-based affair or a sprint. Instead, the startup is looking to add a little bit of spice to the proceedings.

Mayman explained that races will be multidimensional obstacle races. Pilots will have to race for top speeds while also navigating through a “series of pylons, rings and hoops”. Mayman confirmed that “obstacles will be vertical as well as horizontal. You’ll have to go under this and over that, through this ring and around this pylon.”

This obstacle course will be created due to safety concerns surrounding multiple jetpack pilots racing too close. Instead, pilots may race in parallel course setups. Additionally, all races will take place over water in case of malfunctions.

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How to take part

JetPack Aviation plans to launch its Jetpack Racing Series “around September” of 2022. Currently, anyone can try out the company's jetpacks for a fee of $5,000. However, even if you apply as a skilled pilot, the composition will “get the ultimate say on who gets to fly” in the competition.

For the first year, the startup is looking to train a large group of at least 30 pilots to race qualification. However, the company will enter the Air Race World Championship with a smaller group of 10 top pilots.

If the sport is successful, and profitable, then it could be expanded in future Championships. On the other hand, if its unsuccessful, this could be the first and last example of jetpack races for the foreseeable future.

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