Fast Food Robots will completely replace human fry cooks, claims CEO

The rise of robots in our current day and age has led to a fear of people losing their jobs. Not helping with those fears is a CEO bragging about autmatons replacing hardworking folks who just need money to live.

Obviously, it’s not a good look to brag about these machines taking people's jobs, given all of the current paranoia. Hopefully, this CEO knows better and eventually apologizes, because this is a bad look that’s both anti-employee and very classist.

Robots can flip burgers better, apparently

Hyping up the new Flippy 2 robot, Miso Robotics CEO Mike Bell told Reuters that it cooks better than humans. It might not have been an intentionally offensive move but saying robots do it “happier” than humans is just terrible.

"It does it faster or more accurately, more reliably and happier than most humans do it," Miso CEO Mike Bell told Reuters.

Why Bell thought this would be a good way to advertise Flippy 2 is beyond us but here we are. Personally, we like the fact that humans are flipping our burgers since that means they get to make a living.

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Living in a robot world

Even if you don’t like Mike Bell’s comments about humans and robots, there’s no denying that mechanical workers are coming. The hope is that we can all get along and that these machines won’t replace human employees trying to live.

Bell doesn’t seem to be one of those people, thinking about when people will ask about when humans cooked burgers. He says customers will "walk into a restaurant and look at a robot and say, 'Hey, remember the old days when humans used to do that kind of thing?’”

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