Ameca Robot showcases all the emotions it wishes it had

Engineered Arts’ creepy Ameca Robot is back with a new look — several in fact. After months of silence, the impressive humanoid robot has returned to show off some awesome expressions. Yes, it’s still terrifying.

Ameca Emotions

In a new video on YouTube, Engineered Arts showed off some awesome improvements for its Ameca robots. The humanoids — which look similar to designs from I, Robot, now have an enhanced set of facial expressions.

We’ve already seen Ameca display emotions of anger. However, now its facial range can switch between pre-programmed states of emotion. Do you want an angry robot or a happy robot? This can be both.

In the video, the realistic robot looks into a mirror, admiring itself. After poking its reflection, the robot moves all of the servos in its face. Going from winking to yawning to a full-on scowl, this robot has a wide range of emotions.

This massive new range of emotions comes from the inclusion of 12 new actuators in the Ameca face which offers much more range. However, the issue now is being able to properly control all of the actuators in order to get realistic movements.

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Emotion without emotion

While Ameca may be able to display an impressive number of emotions, it doesn’t actually have any. Yes, it’s movements are lifelike, but there’s not a hint of life anywhere near the device.

In fact, Ameca doesn’t even have an on-board AI. While users can create and use AI programs on the machine, it’s not a main focus of the robot. Nevertheless, it can have AI if needed.

With so much advancement in robots, there are many who believe AI and robots are actually alive. (Yes, we’re talking about LaMDA.) So, we just want to make sure that everyone knows Ameca doesn’t have emotions, even if it looks realistic.

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