‘Adult’ Robot Cat Girl uses advanced AI to detect objects and talk

In a time where humans are attempting to marry robots, it was only a matter of time before sex dolls became more advanced. That future is now present with Lily Delta V7, a Robot Cat Girl designed for “adult” activities.

Lily Delta V7: A Robot Cat Girl

Reported by CNX, Canadian startup Lilium Robotics has announced plans to merge artificial intelligence with adult toys. Powered by an Amlogic A311D logic board, the Lily Delta V7 robot combines a fully motorised robotic body with advanced AI.

The horrendously creepy anime-ish Robot Cat Girl is seen as the most advanced robot designed for adult use. “Lily” has fully motorised arms, legs, and torso that can support a 0.5 kg payload.

While that may be impressive, the more intriguing part for Stealth Optional is its integration of GPT-3 AI for AI-accelerated object detection/tracking. Instead of being just a sex doll, this is a sex doll with intelligence, making the entire situation even more uncomfortable.

Using GPT-3, the Robot Cat Girl is able to hold conversation with its owner, track a person’s face, read audiobooks and more. Also, it’s designed for someone to bang it, but that doesn’t require AI… we think.

As someone who is pants-sh*tingly terrified of dolls, I would die if that thing talked.
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As someone who is pants-sh*tingly terrified of dolls, I would die if that thing talked.

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It can’t walk though

While the Lily Delta V7 may be an advanced AI-powered sexbot for those that want it, it’s not exactly Boston Dynamics level of robotic ingenuity. For example, it doesn’t have the power to walk.

Instead, the robot just sits on a chair, desk or — if the owner is embarrassed — in a dark closet. So, while the $400 adult toy may be impressively made, it still can’t do a sick backflip. Boston Dynamics: 1; Lilium Robotics: 0.

Who is this for?

You know exactly who it is for. We all know exactly who it is for.

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