The Onestock Is a Great VR Gunstock, but the Price Isn’t Bulletproof - Review

WieldVR OneStock in front of the box and a tiled wall
Credit: StealthOptional

WieldVR OneStock in front of the box and a tiled wall
Credit: StealthOptional

Whenever games involve guns and motion controls, there's always at least one company that tries to deliver a solution that makes shooting in videogames easier. WieldVR is just one of the companies producing a gunstock accessory for VR gamers to enjoy, and it might be one of the best.

With support for Meta Quest headsets, as well as PSVR 2, Valve Index, and more, there's no shortage of platforms that the OneStock can work with, thanks to how customizable it truly is. However, despite it being fairly great, it's hard to recommend unless you're a diehard enthusiast of VR FPS titles.

Arriving at $159.90, the OneStock is a one-size-fits-all solution for VR gamers looking to get the most out of their VR FPS games. Considering how varied some of the controllers with the best VR headsets can be, it's no surprise that customization is key. Thankfully, the OneStock is a great solution for this.

When you order the OneStock (which is currently releasing in waves), you can choose your current platform. However, you can switch the OneStock around to fit your needs. In fact, almost every part of this is interchangeable, letting you fully make the OneStock your own.

Unlike the classic Wii-style gunstock accessories, the selling point of the OneStock is the fact you can adjust it to fit your needs, depending on which type of gun you're holding in-game. Using a sub-machine gun? Release the latch and bring it closer. Grabbed a sniper mid-match? Move the bar along so the entire OneStock is longer. The options are fairly limitless. You can even fully customize the sling, choosing between one-point or two-point options, with plenty of insert points across the entire accessory.

WieldVR OneStock inside the box with the packaging
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Credit: StealthOptional

That's pretty much the main reason WieldVR calls the OneStock the "Best Damn VR Gunstock", but the high-quality parts are another reason. It feels mostly 3D printed in a manufacturing plant, but the overall build quality is fairly high. Most importantly, it feels surprisingly light, and the balanced weight makes it comfortable to use hours on end.

I can't be certain about whether WieldVR has tested every other VR gunstock to come to that conclusion, as I haven't either. But, I can safely say that my experience with the OneStock has been great overall. My gunshots are noticeably more accurate, and considering I got into playing Vail VR recently, I actually had a minor competitive advantage. Even more action-focused games like After the Fall, I felt like my shots were as accurate as they could possibly be, thanks to the OneStock.

However, there's one major issue I spotted with my version of the OneStock - the controller mounts. While WieldVR has notified me of the issue, and is working on rectifying the problem with tighter quality control, the controller mounts have left black scuffs all across my controller. At first, I thought this was an actual issue with the accessory, but fortunately, it seems to be limited to a certain batch.

WieldVR OneStock controller issue leaving marks on Quest 3 controller
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Credit: StealthOptional

You're going to have issues like these with a fledgling company, especially at the scale they seem to be producing OneStocks, but it's a shame that it happened. Fortunately, the company is planning ahead against any similar issues. But there's one major issue that the OneStock has aside from price - the complexity.

With the fully customizable and modular nature of the OneStock, it's very overwhelming. It's not like a Wii gunstock that's plug-and-play, but instead, it takes a huge learning curve and lots of messing around to get the perfect setup, something which will turn off a lot of potential customers. The company offers a 90-Day moneyback guarantee if you don't like it, so it's worth testing out, but be warned - it can be hard to figure out what you're doing for the first few VR sessions.

The WieldVR OneStock makes some bold claims with "the best damn VR gunstock", and it's no surprise that it comes fairly close to what it promises. However, a high price, complex nature, and some minor quality control issues may make some customers wait for a second-generation OneStock.

If you want to purchase your own OneStock, you can secure your OneStock with our invite code, STEALTHOPTIONAL, on the WieldVR website.

WieldVR OneStock
The WieldVR OneStock promises the "best damn VR gunstock" on the market, but while the performance and build quality is high, so is the price and the complexity of its modular nature.
7 out of 10
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