Skullcandy Sesh wireless in-ear headphones review: Style up your summer with striking buds

Apple's AirPods have led the way for wireless earphones ever since they arrived in 2016, with few brands managing to replicate the sound and style from the iPhone makers.

Now, especially with Apple levelling up with its

AirPods Pro

, rivals must look for a different avenue for the customer.

Skullcandy is bringing plenty of colour at a great price, as we got our hands on the Skullcandy Sesh - with a Limited Edition twist as part of "Mood Boost".

Mood Boost is a campaign with a mission to boost mental health, one uplifting mood at a time.

Design - Score 82

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It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but we love the look Skullcandy's limited edition Sesh earphones!

With most headphones white or black, it's great to see a real hit of colour - especially for summer.

Black, Dark Blue and Red are all available for those looking for a more reserved look, but watch out for different colours becoming available with each passing month.

As for comfort, the earbuds are customisable in size, making sure you get the most comfort possible.

The charging case is a bit bulkier than Apple's and has much more of a plastic feel to it.

Sound - Score 86

Now it may not have the sound options of Apple's Air Pods Pro, but taking price into account, the Sesh earphones provide excellent quality.

The earphones are not quite noise cancelling, but you will still feel very much plugged into your song or podcast of choice.

The Sesh may not be as intelligent as its Apple counterpart, which pause when you take an earphone out, but you can still pause, adjust volume, answer calls and use "Voice Assistant" all with a tap.

Battery - Score 74

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Perhaps an area the Sesh comes a little unstuck is its battery.

With up to five battery lives available with one charge of the charging case, that may not sound too bad - however one battery life only seems to last a few hours.

This makes the Sesh perfect for on-the-go use and commuting, but for long-distance journeys or in-office use, you'll end up having to charge them up two or three times a day.

Connectivity - Score 100

With Bluetooth auto-connectivity there's no faffing around with Skullcandy's Sesh earphones.

As soon as you remove the earphones from the case, they will pair with your device, even at first use.

The earphones will also tell you when the battery is getting low thanks to Voice assistant.

Price - Score 95

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The biggest selling point of the Sesh is its price.

With the limited edition available for


, and the normal (Black, Dark Blue or Red) available for


- you just can't go wrong with a move for them.

Perfect for commuting when you return to the office or school, you'll certainly stand out on your way into work!

The Limited Edition Sesh earphones also include a limited edition poster from New York City artist Andrea von Bujdoss.

Our Score


  • Fantastic price
  • Super-quick Bluetooth connectivity
  • Unique look
  • Brilliant sound quality


  • Battery not good enough for prolonged use

They may not be for everyone, but after a tough last few months, the Sesh Limited Edition is exactly what we all need to lift our mood!

With a fantastic price of




for the normal version), you can't go wrong for the quality of a trusted brand like Skullcandy.

June may be over, but lookout for the

next limited edition release

from Skullcandy.

Break out of lockdown with this daring look, even with on-lookers from a distance.
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