Secretlab TITAN Charcoal Blue Softweave gaming chair review: a super seat for work and play

Like a lot of people around the globe, I found myself unexpectedly spending a lot of time at home in the year 2020. And so, the project of creating a dedicated office/gaming space in a spare corner of my homestead began, and one of the key things to find was a gaming chair that would also do the job for work.

Enter the Secretlab TITAN, specifically the Charcoal Blue Softweave version, which showed up in a huge box having been sent over a PR representative for the company. I've worked in games journalism for a while now, and I've sat on a fair few gaming chairs at events around Europe, but I've never had to assemble one of these before. Would I be able to do it? And would the Secretlab TITAN be worth the effort?


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These were the questions that ran through my head as I stared at the truly huge box, in my kitchen, having just lugged it up two flights of stairs. Here's what happened next...

Assembly - Score 100

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I can't undersell just how huge this box was. It weighed 77lbs, which is 5.5 stone and rather a lot to carry up your stairs. My arms were aching and I was a little bit grumpy, but I was also determined to get this chair built as soon as possible. I was dreading the possibility that the instructions would be complicated and infuriating.

Thankfully, this was not the case at all. There was a big plastic sheet which summed up the assembly process in a reasonable amount of steps, and it was immediately clear which pieces were which and where they should go.

In under an hour, I had gone from a pile of random parts to a fully-functional chair, and onto the next challenge of lugging all the cardboard back downstairs to the recycling bin. I genuinely couldn't fault the assembly process.

Impressions - Score 100

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From the first time my butt touched the seat (with a couple of layers of clothing in between, I feel the need to add), I was thoroughly pleased with this chair. It's clearly a high-end piece of kit, but the main thing I appreciate is maybe the simplest - to put it in basic terms, this thing is just



This chair makes you feel snug and supported in a number of ways: the seat has just the right amount of 'give', sitting at the intersection between squishy and tough; there's a little pillow for your head, which feels luxurious to lean against; you can adjust the armrests in a number of ways to get them just right; and, as a wonderful addition, you can also twist a knob to achieve your ideal amount of lumbar support.

Whether you're working or gaming, the TITAN starts to feel like an extension of yourself. While other chairs might have uncomfortable elements that pull your focus away from your game, the TITAN just quietly does the job without any complaints.

And in terms of design, the Charcoal Blue Softweave version of the TITAN has enough cool flourishes to stop it from looking boring (like the blue stitching, for example), but it's also prim and proper enough to stop it looking like a ridiculous throne. Basically, you won't look silly phoning into a Zoom call on one of these.

Price - Score 80

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Coming in at

$429 USD


£379 GBP

, whichever way you're looking at it, there's no denying that the Secretlab TITAN is a luxury purchase. And right now, it's impossible to ignore the fact that many of us are not in positions to be buying fancy chairs right now.

If there is room in your gaming budget to fork out one of these, however, we really reckon that you won't regret it. It's comfortable, it looks great, and it's not difficult at all to assemble - once you've lugged it up the stairs, that is!

If there isn't a chunk of cash in your account for this, you might also want to consider buying one in instalments or saving up for a few months - we can tell you that it'll be worth it.


Place your order of the Secretlab TITAN here

Our Score


  • Supremely comfortable
  • Understated but cool design
  • Adjustable lumbar support is amazing


  • Very heavy to lug up the stairs
  • It's not cheap

All things considered, I can't say enough good things about the Secretlab TITAN, and that's not just because it really completes my home gaming den. As I've stressed multiple times now: it's comfy and it looks cool, and it's worth the price without a doubt.

In fact, here's one final insight that I'd like to share: this chair is so good that I make every guest at my flat sit on it, just to show them how awesome it is. They're always impressed by the comfort on offer. But since I can't invite you personally over to try it out, just let me tell you this - the Secretlab TITAN is ruddy brilliant.


Place your order of the Secretlab TITAN here

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