Pixel Eyewear Blue Light and Amber Light Glasses review: Do they actually work for gamers?

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Gaming glasses have always been relevant within the industry, but it appears now more than ever are people taking a chance on them.

With more and more time being allocated to screens each day people may need to find a way to reduce the strain on their eyes.

This is where companies such as Pixel Eyewear come into play, as they are one of the leaders in producing Blue and Amber light glasses.

Now that I've had some time to use these over the last week, do these glasses actually reduce eye strain and make for a more comfortable gaming experience?

Build - Score 85


Upon first holding the glasses, they appear to be cheaper than your higher-end regular glasses such as Ray-Ban and Oakley.

However, this is to be expected and does not put any negative factors into the build quality of the Pixel glasses.

The frames of the glasses are sturdy and hold up rather well; you should not have any issues with these unless you are throwing them against a wall or dropping them from high distances.


Blue Light - Score 80

Blue Light glasses are designed to reduce the strain of looking at computer screens all day, this can be beneficial if your job has you around a screen for eight-plus hours a day.

Using the Blue Light glasses while working and on my phone, I noticed a slight variation of colours which may have help with eye strain.

These seem to be beneficial more so in the night time, with the tint dimming the brightness of white screens; it can significantly help your eyesight.

Overall, the Blue Light glasses are not only very fashionable, but they do actually help. Especially if you are someone concerned with how much exposure you are putting your eyes to screens!



Visit PixelEyewear.com to browse the selection

Amber Light - Score 90


The second pair we checked out was the Amber version of the Pixel Eyewear. These look more like your traditional "gaming glasses"; ones that we have seen in the past.

They note on their website that the Amber tint of the glasses is best suited for "heavy scrolling or night time use". Using these for long gaming sessions, you will immediately notice the Amber tint on your computer screen; but this is perhaps the best part of the glasses.

For longer gaming sessions where you are looking at a screen for hours on end, I noticed that the Amber version kept my eyes focused and attentive late into the night longer than they usually would be.

If you get past the obvious tint of the Amber glasses, you may find differences late into the night; where your eyes may already be straining.


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Our Score


  • Fashionable - They do not look like cheap computer glasses
  • Amber Light has noticeable effects on long gaming sessions
  • Stellar packaging


  • If you have a bigger head, you will hear the glasses widening for the first few days - which may sound a bit cheap

If you are looking for a set of glasses that do not break the bank, and can actually help your eyesight while having long work/gaming sessions; then the Pixel Eyewear may be up your alley.

The Amber Light glasses are fantastic for longer sessions, while the Blue Light ones are not only fashionable; they offer decent support for minor usage.

Be sure to keep these glasses in the back of your mind if you are in the market!



Visit PixelEyewear.com to browse the selection