Snakebyte Multi:Playcon controller review - a cheaper Joy-Con alternative for Nintendo Switch

While Nintendo offer their JoyCons in many different colours and in single or pair variants, its the price that can push many customers away.

This is why third-party companies are creating their own controllers to work with the Switch, to feature some with a DPAD, or some to use when commuting.

It’s where another contender entered the fray this year, with ‘Snakebyte’ releasing their

Multi:Playcon controllers


We’ve been testing them for the last month, and while great on price, they may need a second thought before purchasing a pair.

Design - Score 80

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You pair these up using the ‘Mode’ button, where the LED lights flash to make an almost-creepy smile as it waits to pair with the Nintendo Switch.

Even for this writer’s long fingers, they both fit comfortably, mainly thanks to the design that easily finds into the ‘controller’ position.

Every button has that click and even the analogue stick is firm enough so you can really be accurate when locking on to enemies in certain games.

However, there’s no DPAD, which can be a huge hindrance to many 2D games, especially fighting games like Street Fighter.

There’s also no HD Rumble, no motion controls, and no Amiibo support, so if you were hoping for any of these, move along.

These are the types of controllers that you get what you pay for, and while they have a great design, it comes with a collection of ‘catches’.



Battery Life - Score 70

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For its size its understandable that the battery life may be short at 20 hours after repeated testing of them, but it’s still a disappointment when you factor in the JoyCons having 30 hour battery life, with all its features that these ‘


’ don’t have.

It’s an odd one with their port, as charging them can only be done through micro-USB.

A strange choice as the Switch is USB-C, alongside many other devices now. USB-C is fast becoming the new standard, and to have micro-USB seems baffling here. It’s yet another wire to have when these run out.


Our Score


  • Compact yet comfortable
  • Great price
  • Design fits the Switch easily


  • Lack of DPAD will be an issue for some games
  • No HD Rumble
  • No motion controls
  • Battery life is half of the JoyCons, even with the above removed..

These are good controllers on the face of them; their design fits snugly in both hands and the buttons are well-designed with a great ‘clicking’ feel.

They’re compact so they can easily fit into a bag or even a jean-pocket if required, and the

£29.99 price

is a great level for someone who just wants a pair of controllers when it’s a get-together, such as Christmas.

However, their shorter battery life, baffling choice of a micro-USB port and lack of HD Rumble and the rest of what a joy-con usually features lets them down.

Buy them for the convenience and that alone.

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