AOC Agon AGM600 gaming mouse review

AOC Agon AGM600 gaming mouse review mouse on table

AOC Agon AGM600 gaming mouse review mouse on table

Generally known for their monitors, AOC is now entering the well crowded gaming device segment. AGON is their gaming brand and, much like their monitors, it promises to offer competitive prices for solid devices.

The AGM600 definitely falls in the category, offering an all-round decent performance and quality for your buck. With its decent selection of programmable buttons and DPI switches, there should be enough to satisfy everyone, even though it comes with a couple of caveats.

AGM Agon AGM600 gaming mouse review mouse from behind
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Design-wise, the AGM600 sticks to the classic dome-shaped, with a nice thumb rest on the left side. The buttons are all located on the left side of the device as well, with a thin RGB led strip running through the mouse, which is not as bright as we'd like it to be. Just below the mouse wheel, there are two DPI switches as well, so you can quickly switch profiles on the fly.

The mouse itself is covered by soft touch material, which is nice on the hand but definitely attracts fingerprints. The sides also feature some rougher rubber material, which aids with gripping the device. It seems like a small addition, but it provides extra grip in those sweaty gaming sessions.

AOC Agon AGM600 gaming mouse review mouse from above
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It is a wired mouse, so you can also expect it to be heavier than its wireless competitors. The AGM600 weighs in at 143g, though it is not particularly noticeable while using it. AON decided to utilize Kailh switches which are also polled for the huge number of 80 million total clicks. Overall, it is satisfyingly clicky, even though there is no post-click travel on the main buttons.

The other programmable switches need a bit more force to be pressed, as is to be expected. Turn over the mouse and there are four glide pads, that should make it easier to use the AGM600 on a mouse pad. Remember that they are protected by plastic covers that have to be peeled off, though, as they can be easy to miss.


With specs that report 50G of acceleration and 400IPS, the mouse definitely does its job with even the most sensitive games, such as Atomic Heart. The DPI sensor can go as high as 16000 and still being relatively precise. The clicks are overall a little bit loud, which can be distracting, but that was not my case.

My main issue with the mouse is strictly personal and has to do with the programmable buttons being a little too crowded on the left side. I ended up accidentally pressing them several times, not so much that it became an issue, but during a high pressure game session it can make a difference. I do not have big hands, so I would imagine that being a potential problem for someone with large fingers.

AOC Agon AGM600 gaming mouse review mouse from right side
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Overall, except for the 2-3 times I ended up mis-clicking, the mouse behaved exactly as I expected it, with a more than decent performance, allowing you to rest the entire hand on the device as well if you wanted.


The software was a bit of a puzzle, since AOC does not go out of their way to advertise it. Even if you visit the support page of the mouse to look for drivers and software, you won't find it. You have to know that you are looking for the "G-Menu" before, or you might be looking for a while.

Once installed, the software is pretty straightforward with a bare-bones menu that takes you to the customization of the mouse. Along with programming buttons and macro, you can adjust the sensitivity of the pointer, the speed of the double click, the polling and customize the DPI switches.

AOC Agon AGM600 gaming mouse review AOC software
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It is also possible to customize the RGB lightning with a few different modes, but since your hand is covering the lights the entire time, I would guess it's not particularly useful in the long run. At least it will look great on your desk, though.

AGM600 - verdict

The retail price of the AGM600 is around the £40 / 40 EUR price segment, which makes it a budget gaming mouse for sure, being almost half the price of most of its competitors, but around 10 pounds more than the Chillblast Aero V2. For its price, the AGM600 is definitely worth the money.

While I would advise giving it a try, especially if you have larger hands, before taking the dive, overall it is definitely satisfying and the mouse offers a very competitive performance in its segment with a decent software support as well.

We will probably be seeing more of AOC gaming devices in the following months, but they seem to be on the right track. The AGM600 is one device you can easily consider for your next gaming rig, especially if you're looking to get the best bang for your buck.

AOC AGON AGM600 gaming mouse
The AGM600 is a solid budget mouse with a couple of small design issues that are offset by great software support and a decent performance.
7 out of 10
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