Why Tekken Tag 2 Wii U Edition needs to come to Switch with its Mushroom Modes

As soon as the Nintendo Switch came out three years ago, a saying has been constant ever since, and it’s also become a meme. It is ‘Put it on Switch.

Only now the dreams are coming true, with ‘Mario Galaxy’ just a week away, and a rumoured release of the ‘Ninja Gaiden Trilogy’ coming next year. But there’s still other series that have yet to see a release on Switch. Mainly the Tekken series.

Since debuting in Arcades and the original PlayStation in 1994, it’s become an iconic series, with memorable characters, crazy cut-scenes, and incredible music. But there’s a particular release that’s always been seen as unique, and Tekken Tag 2 on the Wii U was that release.

It featured not only all of the characters from previous games, but some Nintendo abilities that strangely make sense. Here’s why it should be on the Switch.

Super Kazuya World

Released in 2012, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was the sequel to a launch game on the PlayStation 2, twelve years previous. This release was on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and the Nintendo Wii U, and it was highly received, thanks to its wide-ranging characters, music from previous entries, and lots more.

But the Wii U release saw some, frankly-insane features. ‘Special Battle’ has two modes unique to the system.

  • Tekken Ball Mode
  • Mushroom Battle Mode

Rather than me introduce it, here’s a couple of images of me playing it.

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When worlds collide.
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Super Eddie Gordo with a mushroom and a star is all your nightmares come true.

You can play up to six stages, where items will fall or slide across the stage at random points. A red mushroom makes a character bigger the more they collect some, a purple one makes them smaller, while a star, makes them invincible.

Playing against the CPU on ‘Hard’ mode while Eddie Gordo pummels you with his dancing, while in star-mode is an experience that I implore everyone to try out in some way. It’s incredibly fun, and incredibly random, but it works.

You can also dress up as certain Nintendo characters, so if you want Kazuya to wear Mario’s hat, or Princess Peach’s dress, it can be done.

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Here’s Unknown.

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Mishima 3D All Stars

While Tekken Tag 2 was a celebration of its past games and all the characters that came before it, to me, the Wii U edition is a further celebration of how wacky the series can be. From avoiding poison mushrooms to bouncing a beach ball to an armoured tiger, it only added to the fun.

Tekken Ball is self-explanatory. It’s a mode lifted from Tekken 3, where you can only damage an enemy by passing on your attacks into a beach ball. If it connects to the other character, you will eventually win the match.

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You know what Heihachi? I have a ball. Perhaps you’d like to bounce it.

But instead of it being just one match, it’s similar to Arcade mode, so there are a succession of stages, and they only get harder until the final boss stage. Or final ball stage.

These modes, mixed in with the music and so many characters, it should be the first game in the Tekken series to see a release on the Switch. It’s a perfect entry to, from ‘Tekken Ball’ to ‘Mushroom Battle’.

Imagine playing that on a bus commute, or using the separate joy-cons to play a quick match with someone on a work break in the van. It’s a great alternative to Smash Bros. Ultimate, and frankly, a fresh alternative to what’s currently out on Switch in the fighting-genre.

We’ve had our prayers answered with Mario 64 coming to the Switch soon, and hopefully Zelda: Wind Waker next year. But it’s becoming an elephant, or a bear in the room that there’s no Tekken entry on the Nintendo Switch in its third year of release. It’s time to, and Tekken Tag 2 with ‘Mushroom Battle’ would be the perfect release for the Switch to introduce new and old players to the series.

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Jinpachi having a lie down after the latest Twitter discourse.

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