Star Wars: The Mandalorian brings back retro gaming's 'Dark Troopers' - here's what you need to know!

The Mandalorian is one of the best shows to come out of Star Wars in years. I’m including ‘Rise of Skywalker’ into that.

A show where you follow the bounty hunter ‘Din’, as he brings a ‘child’, a species the same as Yoda, to its people throughout the series.

However, the show has also brought back certain characters from other shows and now games that no one really expected to see again.

Spoilers are ahead here, so with that, here’s what the ‘Dark Troopers’ are.

Spoilers: Brief Recap of Chapter 12

Throughout the episode ‘The Siege’, Din is roped in to a mission by friends Greef and Cara back on Navarro to destroy an old Imperial Base.

However, it turns out that the base is in full operation, with experiments being held on what looks like clones, and transfusing some blood of ‘The Child into other test subjects.

Once they wipeout the storm troopers and the base itself, the last scene shows ‘Moff Gideon’, who was last seen in the Season 1 finale, being informed that ‘they are ready’.

It pans out, and the room is full, side-to-side of huge ‘Dark Troopers’, ready to be unleashed.

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Dark Troopers in Dark Forces

These aren’t the black Stormtroopers that were seen in the Season 1 finale, rather these harken back to the original ‘Dark Forces’ game seen back in 1995.

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Dark Troopers in Dark Forces 1.

Their attributes have changed in subsequent games and novels, but essentially, they are stormtroopers with cyber-implants, who are also force-sensitive. Think a ’Terminator T-800‘ model that can also use Force Push at a moments notice.

It seems as though they’re going to be facing off against The Mandalorian and even Ashoka Tano when she inevitably appears soon, or as soon as the next episode.

It’s an intriguing threat, and one that is very welcome to see. It also raises the question of whether ‘Kyle Katarn’, the main character from the ‘Dark Forces’ series, will ever appear.

As the two timelines of ‘Mandalorian’ and ‘Dark Forces II’ line up well, it may well be a matter of when, not if.

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