Sonic R anniversary marked with BEAUTIFUL new art by Sonic The Comic artist

Sonic R gets a lot of flak, twenty-three years on since its release. But it's the charm of the game that has kept it alive in many minds of fans.

This also extends to the comics of Sonic, especially 'Sonic the Comic', a publication that was handled by 'Fleetway' from 1993 to 2002. They had some fantastic takes on the series, with characters such as 'Evil Super Sonic', 'Commander Brutus', 'Grimer' and many more.

Which is why it was a shock to see an original artist from the comic, publish their take on Sonic R, thanks to a commission by SEGA.

Lets look to what this new artwork looks like, and some background into Sonic R.

Can You Feel the Sunshine of this Artwork?

There's a lot to like about Sonic R; from its music, to the level designs, and even the secret characters, such as 'Tails Doll', a horrifying but, curious character.

So when 'SEGA Forever', the companies' nostalgia-side on social media released the below tweet, it was a surprise to say the least.

If you've ever read 'Sonic the Comic', you can tell right away on the designs of Sonic, Metal Sonic, Amy and Tails, whereas the rest are all new takes from Richard, especially Robotnik.

One of the many stories he did, 'Robotnik's Revenge' stands out as one of the best, from its story, but to its art thanks to Richard. One only hopes that SEGA looks to re-release STC on digital, or even as collections that people can freely buy.

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Super Sonic Racing to set as Wallpaper

While we've had other Sonic racing games such as 'SEGA All Stars Racing' and 'Team Sonic Racing', there's something about Sonic R that many come back to.

Of course, one aspect is the music, from 'Can You Feel the Sunshine' to 'Super Sonic Racing', it's a soundtrack that still gets covered, even on the official Sonic channels.

While 'Sonic Mania' was a reflection of the 2D Sonic games, one can't help but wonder if a sequel could lean on the 3D Sonic games, and have Sonic R included.

But for now anyway, it's great to see SEGA acknowledge the game, and even an artist from one of the best Sonic comics to be published.

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