Sega Game Gear 2021: Next-gen Switch rival revealed in incredible fan concept video

Granted, this is a proof-of-concept that's been on YouTube since June of 2019, however, nostalgia pulls you back in to what SEGA could have been if the Dreamcast was a success.

A fan came up with how a SEGA Game Gear could look like in the modern age; looking more like a bigger Game Gear but with touch controls.

In a time with smartphones, tablets, and the Nintendo Switch running rampant, it's a far cry from what SEGA used to bring out to the gaming market.

With that, lets look at what this proof of concept entails.

What's the Video?

As the video shows, the concept has a new model of the Game Gear featuring a 5-inch HD anti-glare screen with HDR, alongside it being a touchscreen.

With four shoulder buttons, a DPAD, four buttons and two joysticks that also work as fingerprint readers, there's a lot packed in here already.

Alongside 4K video recording, USB-C, quick charging, backlit buttons, Dolby Atmos, and AR, there's a reason why a proof of concept exists.

However, it's a nice dream to have; many want SEGA to bring out a Dreamcast Mini, similar to the Mega Drive Mini they brought out last year, but others also want to see the full library of these on Switch, or its own streaming service.

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Could it ever be Reality?

The short answer is no.

SEGA are purely a software-company now; even though they have such a huge library, as big as Nintendo one would argue, but they were forever scarred by the bad management that SEGA had in the mid-nineties that led to the failures of both the Saturn and the Dreamcast.

It also goes back to the Nintendo Switch. It was reported just today that the total sales as now eclipsed the Nintendo 3DS, at 79.87 million sold since its debut almost four years ago.

However, SEGA like to be unpredictable; the Game Gear Micro from last year was just one example. But don't expect a successor from the company any time soon.

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