Remembering the epic Boba Fett mission in Star Wars: Jedi Academy

If you’re a Star Wars fan in any way, then there’s a good chance that you’ve already watched all of ‘The Mandalorian’, alongside the newest episodes of the second season, and *that* twist.

The ‘Mandalorians’ in Star Wars have always been a hot topic, and the character who signifies it the most is the character who started it all; Boba Fett. (Although his actual status as a true Mandalorian has been questioned by many, the fact that Boba wears Mandalorian armour is impossible to deny.)

There have been games involving Boba's dad Jango, alongside loads of Boba appearances in other media before Disney rebooted the books, comics and everything else in 2013.

However, in 2003 with ‘Jedi Academy’, there was a certain mission that was a highlight of the entire game...

A Boba Academy

In the mission ‘Ord Mantell’, you are given the objective of finding and destroying seven weapon crates, but as soon as you arrive, Boba Fett appears.

Suddenly it turns into a boss stage, but one where you can’t actually kill the bounty hunter. Every deflection of his blasts, every force push made doesn’t stop Boba Fett.

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No Disintegrations.

He’s relentless in making sure you’re dead, so you have the anxiety of destroying the weapon crates while dodging his attacks, such as the flamethrower and blasters.

The way the character is programmed here reminds you of Nemesis or Mr X from the Resident Evil games. They follow you at every opportunity, if you get too close it’s a lost cause, and it’s a no-win scenario.

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It was the way.

When I first played the game in 2003, it was just after the game had released, and as there was no YouTube that wouldn’t spoil it for me, having Boba Fett in a mission was a welcome surprise.

I’ve always loved the character, and even as a kid, I remember the disappointment when he was brushed aside in ‘Return of the Jedi’.

But now that ‘The Mandalorian’ has proven otherwise, it’s a fantastic opportunity, if you haven’t played the game already, to go into ‘Jedi Academy’ and see just how fun this mission was.

Who knows, there may even be a single-player game based solely on the Mandalorian soon enough.

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