Game Boy tops retro poll of "gifts the nation missed out on as children" - check out the full list!

If you’re not in the UK, here’s some background from being a kid in the early-nineties.

Alongside the ‘Toys R Us’ adverts and the seasonal comics and tv shows, there was always an Argos catalogue ready to circle and fold the pages at, just so ‘Santa’ could see what we’ve marked in it.

From games to toys and many other products, it was a huge catalogue that a kid would spend hours looking at.

Which is why, now that the catalogue is no more, that Argos are showing the fifteen most wanted gifts that got away from their past readers, and are also offering a prize to be won from this as well.

What’s the Poll?

The ‘Ten Gifts That Got Away’ is full of nostalgia, number 3 being a particular highlight here.

  1. Game Boy
  2. Mr Frosty
  3. SEGA Mega Drive
  4. Lava lamp
  5. Walkman
  6. Barbie Dream House
  7. Rubik's Cube
  8. Karaoke Machine
  9. Twister
  10. Furby
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There’s plenty here that are still fondly remembered, and even some that are still available to buy in their 2020 form, such as the ‘Dream House’ and ‘Furby’.

Argos are keenly aware of this, which is why they have launched a site, also called ‘The Gift That Got Away’, where it shows excerpts from their past catalogues, showing all the toys and products that you once wished for.

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How to Win a Classic Retro Gift!

But all is not lost! As the Fourth Doctor once said: ‘You can’t be a grown up without being childish sometimes.’ Which is why Argos have launched a competition.

With the hashtag #ArgosChristmasMagic and when you visit the ‘The Gift That Got Away’ site, tweet at them to what gift is shown on the site thar you never got, and you will be entered into a competition, where a winner will be given their longed-for gift!

Rob Quartermain, Senior Campaign Manager for Argos said: “After a long and difficult year, people need some Christmas magic more than ever. We want to bring some joy to the last weeks of 2020 by surprising people with the gift they always wanted as a child but never received. The memories of not receiving that Barbie, board game or console lingers on decades later, so we hope the nostalgic gifts will sprinkle some magic to their festive season.”

We’re with Rob here; why not finish 2020 off with some long-lost nostalgia, and see if Argos pick you to deliver a Furby, Game Boy, or an Action Man for your Christmas.

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