A fan REMAKES Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D trailer for Switch

Zelda's 35th birthday is fast approaching, and many are wondering just what Nintendo may have planned for it.

It could be remasters similar to Mario 3D All Stars, or, as they've done for Metroid's past anniversaries; nothing.

However, that's not stopped a fan of the series from remastering the trailer for the actual-remaster of 'Ocarina of Time' from the Nintendo 3DS, released back in 2011.

With that, let's go into how the trailers looks, and what's rumoured for Zelda's anniversary next month.

The Fan-Remastered Trailer

It's a true saying of 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it', and that's just what Nintendo did for this port of 'Ocarina of Time'.

Thanks to the dual-screens that the DS was known for, you could easily swap out and equip items in an instant, alongside having the dreaded Water Temple finally see some fixes to relieve the frustrations to many.

This trailer is a fantastic representation of what could be possible if it was converted to the Switch instead of the N64 original.

With higher framerate and better textures abound in this version, it could make the game shine instead of having the original N64 version be available, similar to Mario 64's almost untouchable port last year.

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A 'Zelda 35th Anniversary Announcement' coming?

The date for Zelda's anniversary is the 21st February, so we are almost a month until we possibly hear news from Nintendo of how they're going to mark it.

When it was the 30th anniversary, we got a 'Skyward Sword' re-release for the Wii U console, a concert, a music collection album, and plenty of amiibo figures.

There's plenty that they could announce here; many ports of past Zelda games for the Switch being one of them, alongside more news on 'Breath of the Wild 2', which was announced almost two years ago.

However, having the 3DS port of 'Ocarina of Time' is a great idea when you think about it; it keeps the charm of what made the game a classic, while bringing its textures and resolution to a standard that will shine if played on a 1080 television.

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