PS5 UK restock reportedly delayed: Are consoles really "sitting in cages" in stores?

Sony's PlayStation 5 console still proves to be the 'hottest' game console today as restocks are reportedly delayed.

The demand for the console, which was released in the UK last November has been skyrocketing up until now. The supplies however, are not enough for the surge of fans' interest to secure their own PS5 console.

It includes retailer Argos which was included by a tipster among the stores which would not see a restock of the PS5 anytime soon.

Are consoles really "sitting in the cages" in stores across the country?

PS5's are "Sitting in cages"...

The news site shared the news provided by a known PS5 tipster.

It was a user named PS5StockAlert on Twitter where they mentioned that Argos will not restock their PS5 units anytime soon.

He also added that 'Consoles were sitting in cages', and PS5 restocks will not arrive until February 22. However, since this tweet the account has been suspended, so it makes the claim even more suspicious.

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A New Hope for PS5 Stock

Although this might be the news about the PS5, there still hope for new stock on the way.

Another stock tracker account on Twitter mentioned that there could be possible restocks as soon as this week.

He also boasted fans' hopes for the coveted console, mentioning that "Retailers I haven’t listed doesn’t mean they won’t drop, just means I haven’t been told any dates yet."

Time will tell if this rings true, but for now, it may be best to wait it out for a few more months once the troubles subside.

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