PS5 disc spinning at random times: How to fix the loud disc drive noise on PlayStation 5

Now that we’re in the tail-end of November, people across the world are now having their pre-orders fulfilled, with many more PlayStation 5 consoles now in more households.

However, as more users try out the consoles, rare issues start to appear for some, and this particular issue is no exception.

When a user inserts a disk into the ‘Standard Edition’ of PS5 consoles that have a disk drive, the disk spins at random occasions.

While there hasn’t been a response by Sony as yet, users have begun to discover the same issue, and also discover some temporary fixes.

What is the issue?

Users have posted on Reddit and Resetera describing a point where the disk drive would spin for up to 20 seconds, then suddenly stop.

It’s not an isolated issue it seems, or even isolated to a certain game; it only occurs when any disk is inserted.

Posts as recent as Monday are still highlighting this issue, and while it’s not a major one, some are worried that it could wear out the disk drive or the disk itself over time.

However, users have tested out some possible solutions, and one, while drastic, seems to allay the issue for now.

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How to fix the excessive disk-spin

Some posters have reported success with factory-resetting their consoles, with no random disk spinning while they would be using another application.

While drastic, it does allay some fears one may have as to the impact with the disk drive.

But Sony will most likely be aware of this, and from what Reddit and other sites have been saying, it looks more like a software issue, rather than a hardware one.

Hopefully soon a fix will be brought out to have a chat with the disk drive, and tell it to calm down.

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