PS5 backwards compatibility: Brilliant spreadsheet reveals which games do and don't work on the PlayStation 5

Sony’s stance on backwards compatibility has been divisive to say the least.

With many owners feeling out of luck to not being able to play games from the last twenty five years on their new console, there is a thin silver lining at least for those who owned a PS4 previously.

While Sony themselves have said that there is a small percentage of games that will not work on the new console, new users of the PlayStation 5 are seeing games with graphical errors.

However, thanks to a certain guide, you will be able to see exactly which game is compatible with your new console.

Backwards Compatibility to PS5

This isn’t a guide where someone has manually copied every PS4 and PSVR game into a spreadsheet. Rather, it’s a list directly extracted from Sony’s own site, and is then parsed into the table.

Once you follow this link, you will be brought to the page where you can freely search a game, filter it to its region or compatibility with PS5, and much more.

At the time of writing, the page was last updated on the 22nd November, so you’re getting the latest information on certain titles if needed.

Just to note; this list can also show the PS2 Classics, which has it’s own sense of irony here.

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Going Forward

As we pass Christmas and even more players have their PlayStation 5 consoles, one can’t help but wonder on whether Sony’s backwards compatibility stance will change.

The Game Pass by Xbox is an alluring product, and it was the launch title for the Xbox Series S/X.

Whereas here, there’s a ‘PS Plus Collection’ with a number of games but no backwards-compatibility games available. There are on PS Now, but its bandwidth has been, questionable the last month.

For now anyway, this guide is a fantastic way of finding out if your library fully works on your new console.

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