PS4 Firmware Update 8.01 is here: What has changed, and how large is the file?

On 18th November 2020 (the day before Europe and the UK receive their first wave of PS5 consoles), Sony dropped firmware update 8.01 onto the unsuspecting PS4 console.

If you're wondering what this final-feeling PS4 update has changed, or how big the file is, you've come to the right place - just don't expect Sony to give you much actual information.

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What has changed in PS4 update 8.01, and how large is the file?

The latest PS4 firmware update, 8.01, is around about 477MB, so it shouldn't be a problem for most users to download it

As for what exactly is changes, all Sony has said is this: "This system software update improves system performance."

So we'd expect general bug fixes, little patches, and general quality-of-life improvements.

Nothing major, then, but hopefully you should see a smoother experience next time you boot up your PS4.

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Is it worth keeping your PS4 now that the PS5 is here?

If you're expecting a PS5 console to arrive at your house in the next few days, you might be wondering if it's worth hanging onto your trusty old PS4 - even if its updates aren't very exciting anymore!

We'd argue that it is worth holding onto your PS4 if you want to have the option of gaming in another room: after all, the new PS5 Remote Play app on PS4 makes it possible for your old console to control your new one from a distance.

But if you do want to part with your PS4, there are options for what you could do with it: the trade-in price for the PS4 isn't to be scoffed at, or there are charities that will take it off you hands for a good cause! The choice, as they say, is yours...

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