Sony takes down YouTube video leaking new specs for PlayStation 5 Pro

sony playstation 5 pro
Credit: Sony

sony playstation 5 pro
Credit: Sony

Sony’s copyright claim on Moore’s Law Is Dead’s video released last month leaking the upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro’s technical specs has succeeded in raking down the content from YouTube.

YouTuber Moore’s Law Is Dead (MLID) made waves last month by uploading a with the technical specifications for Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro gaming console, which rumours say could roll out this year.

However, Sony has since reacted and had the video taken down from YouTube. Tom Warren, a gaming correspondent from The Verge, took to X, formerly Twitter, to announce the discovery.

It has not yet been confirmed if the takedown was due to an automatic or a manual copyright strike.

If Sony did file the copyright strike, this could indeed indicate that the leaked specs were at least somewhat accurate.

The community is under the impression that the MLID leak contained accurate information but was prematurely revealed and that Sony had confirmed the information with the copyright strike.

The video, confirmed to be coming from Sony Interactive Entertainment‘s Developer Network, suggested that the PS5 Pro’s CPU will be carried over from its predecessor.

However, a new “High Frequency CPU Mode” will boost the CPU’s performance by 10%. The only drawback is that the GPU’s performance will be degraded, but only by a negligible 1%, although it is said to be 45% faster in rendering images than the PlayStation 5.

The popular YouTuber has not yet commented on their content's takedown.

The PlayStation 5 Pro is said to come with an AI-based upscaling technology similar to AMD’s FSR3. This tech will reportedly be called the PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution and is expected to give AMD’s upscaling program a run for its money.

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