Play Call of Duty Warzone like Vikkstar123: How to match the pro streamer's loadout, tech set up, keyboard binds, button mapping and more

Are you sick of getting shot in the face/butt/back/arm/left shin in Call of Duty: Warzone? Maybe you should check out how a pro streamer like Vikkstar123 gears up for the game.

Indeed, maybe you need to start changing how you're playing. For example, have you tried simply not getting shot? If you can't manage that, then maybe you should take a look at some of the pros and mimic how they play.

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As long as you're doing that, why not have a look at some loadouts, button mappings, and even tech set-ups you could copy?

Hey, while you're here, here's everything you need to know to play Call of Duty: Warzone like Vikkstar123.

Vikkstar123 Warzone Loadout

According to Vikkstar123's stats on CoD Tracker, he seems to use the M4A1 as his primary, which probably means he uses the Monolithic Suppressor Muzzle, the Stock M16 Grenadier Barrel, the Operator Reflex Sight Optic, 60 Round Mags Ammunition, and Commando Foregrip Underbarrell attachments.

He also seems to like the 725 shotgun as a secondary, based on his kills, which means it's likely he's also using the Overkill perk to wield two powerful weapons. His lethal seems to be the Semtex too, as he has an astonishing kill count with it.

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Vikkstar123 Warzone Button Mappings

Vikkstar123 was kind enough to do a whole video on his preferred settings, so here are his button mappings according to the video.

  • Reload: R
  • Prone: C
  • Crouch: Left Ctrl
  • Jump/Mantle: Space
  • Use/Interact: E
  • Change Stance/Slide: V
  • Sprint/Steady Aim: left Shift
  • Toggle Camera: V
  • Toggle Firing Mode: B
  • Melee: Caps Lock
  • AutoRun: H
  • Map: M
  • Scoreboard/Inventory: Tab
  • ADS: Right Mouse Button
  • Tactical Equipment: Mouse Button 4
  • Special Ability: Q
  • Equipment 4
  • Health Kit: X

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Vikkstar123 Warzone Tech Set-up

We know that Vikkstar123 uses some good tech, at least according to Pro Settings. You can click any of these next links to fly away and consider making a purchase.

He uses the ACER XB270HU monitor, which has excellent clarity and is sure to help him line up perfect headshots. He then hears everyone approaching on the BeyerDynamic DT 990 PRO LE headset.

For controls, he uses the Razer Taipan mouse and Razer Deathstalker keyboard on top of the Sidemen Mousepad. All excellent choices for your Warzone set-up.

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