Play Warzone like StoneMountain64: loadout, button mapping, tech set-up and more ways to match the pro Call Of Duty streamer

Do you keep getting killed in Warzone? Are you ready to take the fight back to your opponents? Is it time to claw your way out of the gulag and onto the battlefield?

Well then, maybe you need to learn how to play Warzone like StoneMountain64, the owner of an excellent beard and some very impressive FPS skills.

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Playing like him will be easier if you know how to do it, but it's only the first step, you'll need to practice a lot.

The first step though is knowing what to do, so here's everything you need to know to play Warzone like StoneMountain64.

StoneMountain64 Warzone Loadout

The specifics of StoneMountain64's loadouts are hard to pinpoint, but we know he likes the EBR-14 and Grau 5.56 as he's done videos featuring both of these as the key parts of his loadout.

The specifics of the EBR-14 are a mystery, but he uses the Monolithic Suppressor muzzle, The FSS 26.4" Archangel barrel, the Integrated Hybrid optic, the 60 Round Mags ammunition, and the XRK Void II rear grip attachments with the Grau 5.56.

It's possible that he uses both of these at the same time with the Overkill perk, but it's hard to say much more about the specifics of his loadouts.

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StoneMountain64 Warzone Button Mappings

StoneMountain64 has us covered here with a video on his Facebook page:

  • Use: E
  • Jump/Stand/Mantle: Space
  • Crouch/Slide: C
  • Prone: Z
  • Sprint/Steady Aim: Left Shift
  • Reload: R
  • Next Weapon: 1
  • Previous Weapon: 2
  • Weapon Mount: Caps Lock
  • Alternate Fire: B
  • Melee: F
  • Lethal Equipment: Mouse Button 4
  • Tactical Equipment: Q

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StoneMountain64 Warzone Tech Set-up

StoneMountain64 apparently has a soft spot for us as he's listed all of his peripherals for us on his website. You can click any of these next links to head off to a product page and consider making a purchase.

He uses the Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse which is light and he favours speed above all else in a mouse. He notes the Logitech G Pro Keyboard in the video we linked above too.

He uses a Logitech G840 XL Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad as he says to "Do yourself a favor and get a desktop mousepad that goes under the keyboard and mouse. For the most part these are all the same so just find something that is in you price range and as big as your desk has room for."

He seems to prefer the ASUS TUF Gaming VG27AQ 27” G-SYNC Gaming Monitor, although it's not a cheap bit of kit. It is beautiful though, so could be worth it if you're after something new.

He listens to everything with a Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset, which is crystal clear and comes with a microphone if you don't fancy splashing out on anything else.

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