Play Warzone like Jukeyz: Best loadout, button mapping, keyboard binds, and settings to match the pro Call Of Duty streamer

Call of Duty: Warzone is a bit like being punched in the face repeatedly by a teddy bear. Sure, it doesn't hurt your actual face, but it does hurt your feelings.

If you'd rather you were the teddy bear in this incredibly odd analogy, then maybe you should try mimicking one of the best players around. Who though…

Well, how about Jukeyz, who manages to get more kills than most of us have fingers in every match of Warzone he plays?

So, here's what you need to know to play Call of Duty: Warzone like Jukeyz.

Jukeyz Warzone Loadout

Jukeyz recently did a video in which he showed off a powerful Overkill-based Sniper loadout. However, he also didn't explain the loadout, so we're going to use a combination of this knowledge and his stats from CoD Tracker to build a loadout for you.

So, as a primary weapon, he seems to favour the HDR sniper rifle. This works well with the Monolithic Suppressor muzzle, the 26.9″ HDR Pro barrel, the Tac Laser laser, the FTAC Stalker-Scout stock, and the Presence of Mine perk attachments.

He then probably uses the M4A1 as a secondary weapon which is great with the Monolithic Integral Suppressor, the 5mW Laser, the Merc Forgrip, the 45 Round Mags, and the Stippled Grip tape attachments.

He then likely uses the Double Time, Overkill, and Amped perks with the Semtex as his lethal and the Flash Grenade as his tactical choices.

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Jukeyz Warzone Button Mappings

We know that Jukeyz uses a PS4 controller, as he uses a Battle Beaver controller that has buttons on the back. Given that most pros use the Tactical Flipped options, it's likely he uses a slightly modified version of it to include the extra buttons.

  • Jump/Mantle: X
  • Crouch/Prone/Slide: R3
  • Use/Reload: Square
  • Switch Weapon: Triangle
  • Aim Down Sight: L1
  • Fire Weapon: R1
  • Use Tactical Equipment: L2
  • Use Lethal Equipment: R2
  • Sprint/Tactical Sprint/Steady Aim/Change Zoom: L3
  • Melee: Circle
  • Scoreboard/Objectives: Touch Pad

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