Play Warzone like JoshOG: Best loadouts, settings, weapons, keyboard binds, and tech-set up to match the pro Call Of Duty streamer

So, you're playing Warzone, thinking about how well you're doing to still be in the fight, then suddenly some guy backflips off a filing cabinet and no-scopes you with a pistol.

Sure, it makes sense that you wouldn't put a scope on a pistol, but damn, your pride is hurt right now, so who care.

That person's name is JoshOG, and if you want to get better at Warzone, then you'd do well to learn from them.

Here is everything you need to know to play Call of Duty: Warzone like JoshOG.

JoshOG Warzone Loadout

JoshOG is a lover of many weapons. That makes a specific loadout a little harder to pin down, but he does seem to favour the AX-50 and MP7 combo.

The AX-50 has the Monotlithc Suppressor, the 32.0" Factory Barrel, the Thermal Sniper Scope, the SInguard Arms Assassin, and the Focus attachments. That's the Corpse Maker loadout, as his primary weapon.

His MP7 secondary weapon has the Monolithic Suppressor, the FSS REcon, the G.I. Mini Reflex, the 60 Round Mags, and the Stippled Grip Tape attachments.

He uses the Quick Fix, Overkill, and Tune Up perks, the Frag Grenade as his lethal, and the Stun Grenade as his tactical choices.

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JoshOG Warzone Button Mappings

These are the button mappings that JoshOG uses according the Best Gaming Settings.

  • Reload: R
  • Prone: Z
  • Crouch: C
  • Jump/Mantle: Space
  • Use/Interact: F
  • Change Stance/Slide: Left Ctrl
  • Sprint/Steady Aim: Left Shift
  • Toggle Camera: V
  • Toggle Firing Mode: B
  • Melee/Zoom: V
  • Auto Run: H
  • Map: M
  • Scoreboard/Inventory: Tab
  • Aim Down Sight: Right Mouse Button
  • Throwables: G
  • Special Ability: Q
  • Equipment: E
  • Health Kit: X

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JoshOG Warzone Tech Set-up

Finally, his tech set-up, also according to Best Gaming Settings have him using the ASUS VG248QE monitor, which is an excellent choice thanks to its lovely picture quality.

He uses the SteelSeries Arctis Pro+ GameDAC headset, which has incredibly clear sound quality, which means he can hear everything that's going on.

Then, he controls the chaos on a SteelSeries Rival 310 mouse, and a SteelSeries Apex M750 RGB keyboard. Both are excellent choices for anyone who likes twitch shooters or gaming in general.

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