Snakebyte Twin Charge 4 Docking Station review: A bargain charging stand for your PS4 controllers

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There are a few reasons why you might be thinking about buying a charging stand for your PS4 controllers right now, so we put the Snakebyte Twin Charge 4 Controller Charger to the test to see if it's up to snuff.

With the



coming soon, you might want to tidy away your DualShock 4 controllers instead of getting rid of them - because they will still work with

some games on PS5

, after all. Or you might be picking up a PS4 on the cheap, since they're going out of style somewhat, and maybe you just want your new controllers to have a nice little house.


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The Snakebyte Twin Charge 4 Controller Charger is just £17.95

Whatever your motivations for eyeing up DualShock 4 charging stations, keep reading for our full thoughts on the Snakebyte Twin Charge 4 Controller Charger...

Design - Score 90


The Twin Charge 4, despite the four in its name, is a charging stand that can house


PlayStation 4 controllers - so it basically has two slots, each of which can comfortably house a DualShock 4 controller.

There are two colour choices - black and white - with the black one being sent to Stealth Optional for review purposes. Given that we're still running on an old black PS4 at the time of writing, it matches up perfectly and looks just right when you sit it next to the console in our TV stand.

The ridges down the side, in particular, help to create the sense that this product belongs next to your PS4. There is a Snakebyte logo on the front, which looked a bit tacky when we took it out of the box, but you can barely see it when the charging stand is actually in use.

Another handy element of the design is this: there are dual bars of light on the front, one to represent each controller you've got connected. If the light is blue, that controller is fully charged. If it's red, it needs a while longer to be fully juiced up. This means you can tell, at a glance, which controller to grab when you're ready to play. It's a handy extra in a design that already does everything you need from a charging stand.


The Snakebyte Twin Charge 4 Controller Charger is just £17.95

Functionality - Score 90


When it comes to actually using the thing, there's very little to complain about with the Snakebyte Twin Charge 4. All you need to do, in terms of setting it up, is plug it in and decide where to position it.

We've been using this stand for months now, and it's never failed to charge up a controller - we'll normally notice that the colour indicator has switched from red to blue within an hour of docking a controller in there, meaning the formerly-depleted controller is now ready to go.

The only slight qualm here is that it isn't always easy to slide a controller into place when you want to charge it - because you're lining up the power port and the audio port with the relevant slots on the base, it can sometimes be a bit of fiddle to get the controller onto the stand.

But really, there isn't much more Snakebyte could've done with that - they had to work with the DualShock design, after all! And for the price you're paying, it's hard to complain at all.


The Snakebyte Twin Charge 4 Controller Charger is just £17.95

Our Score


  • Very affordable
  • Colour indicator is nice and clear
  • Looks snazzy next to a black console
  • Charges your controllers quickly and keeps them looking tidy


  • Snakebyte logo looks slightly garish on the front
  • It's sometimes a fiddle trying to line the controller up

All in all, the Snakebyte Twin Charge 4 Docking Station makes a fine addition to your PS4 area in the living room. It matches up nicely to the console itself, and it'll keep your controllers tidy when you're not using them. And with the handy indicator light, you'll know straight away when your controller is fully juiced! What's not to love?


The Snakebyte Twin Charge 4 Controller Charger is just £17.95