Snakebyte Headset S for Nintendo Switch review: Is this cheap gaming headset for Nintendo Switch worth buying?

Headsets are an odd bunch. You can get massive ones the size of your head, that glow with flashing neon lights and occasionally do your washing up for you, but you can also find far more chilled out ones that are less likely to get you kicked off of a bus.


Snakebyte HEAD:SET S

, is definitely in the latter camp. It's made to be used with the Nintendo Switch, and packs in a few key details as a result.


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It's also not all that expensive when compared to most headsets, which means it might not be as high-quality as some of the high-end models, but it's also a lot nicer on your bank balance.

So, here's what we think of the Snakebyte HEAD:SET S gaming headset for

Nintendo Switch


Design - Score 72

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This is probably where this headset is weakest. It's still not weak by any means, but there are a few faults with it. We'll start with those, because the rest of the review is going to be pretty positive.

The main issue with the HEAD:SET S, is that it's not very comfortable. This isn't something you'll notice in short play sessions, but it becomes almost painful on your ears.

not weak by any means

This is due to the small headphones, which rest on your ears instead of over them.

Other than that, the foldaway design and removable microphone make for a good bit of compact design.


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Sound - Score 82

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The sound is surprisingly robust for such a cheap headset. Whether I was beating people down in Smash Bros or exploring the universe in Warframe, I never felt like I wasn't in the action.

It's clear, crisp, and tells you everything you need to know about the digital world around you.

The sound is surprisingly robust

It's hurt a little bit by the fact that the headset doesn't sit right, but it's still a surprisingly good sound for such a low price.

The microphone is decent too, especially as it's removable, which really helps keep things discreet if you decide to wear it out and about.


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Price - Score 97

The price is undoubtedly the best thing about the Snakebyte HEAD:SET S. For a meagre

£24.99 on Amazon

you can get access to a reliable, compact, and portable headset with good sound quality and it works with everything, not just Nintendo Switch.

It is occasionally cheaper too, so definitely keep your eyes peeled for any



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Our Score


  • Cheap
  • Very compact
  • Good sound quality


  • Uncomfortable with prelonged use

The Snakebyte HEAD:SET S isn't perfect, but it's incredibly good for the price you're paying.

Aside from the discomfort that can arise after a long play session, there are no real downsides to this headset, and the foldable nature and sound quality really do make for a great package.

The fact that it's so damn cheap pushes it into the realms of "well worth your money" with ease, and if you're looking for something to start off with then this is perfect.


Get this Snakebyte headset for less than £25 on Amazon

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