PS4 controller review: the Snakebyte Gamepad 4S wireless controller is a bargain retro replacement for your DualShock

If you're thinking of picking up a new PS4 controller - perhaps for some local multiplayer battles, or maybe to replace a knackered old DualSense controller - you may well come across the Snakebyte Gamepad 4S wireless PS4 controller as you're doing some window shopping.

With a relatively low price point, the Snakebyte Gamepad 4S wireless PS4 controller is a fairly tempting proposition - and it comes in an array of colours, too!


has Blue, Black, Camo Blue, Camo Bubblegum, a Grey/Orange Rock Edition, and a charmingly retro Grey version to choose from.


The Snakebyte Gamepad 4S controller is just £33 on Amazon

It may look the part, but is the Snakebyte Gamepad 4S wireless PS4 controller worth picking up? To help you find out whether purchasing this controller is truly mandatory,

Stealth Optional 

got our hands on the Grey version to bring you this review...

Design - Score 80

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If you've got fond memories of playing

PS1 games

on a grey controller - or perhaps regretful memories of throwing said controller at the wall in a rage - this particular Snakebyte PS4 controller will stir up nostalgic feelings for that retro era.

It's a simplistic design, but a very likeable one. Everything is where you'd expect it to be, and those retro flourishes help to give it a unique personality that is plastered on top of the more functional features.

It's a simplistic design, but a very likeable one.

The D-pad and the sticks have decent heft to them, without feeling overbearing, and the inclusion of a headphone jack is very much appreciated. You can plug in your

Snakebyte headset

, or any other headphones that you've got lying around. And the headphone jack is nowhere near the charging port, so you don't need to worry about cramming two cables into the same tiny area.

There are downsides to this controller design - it not being an officially licensed product means you don't get the official PlayStation logos, for example - but they don't hamper the fun.

You shouldn't expect to see the high-end design touches and comFor something so affordable, this controller design is impressive - and you'll feel happy to have it on display.


The Snakebyte Gamepad 4S controller is just £33 on Amazon

Feel - Score 90

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Actually playing with this controller is almost always a delight. The set-up is quick, everything functions properly, and you can even use this controller to switch your console on. A lot of non-Sony controllers can't do that!

If you're playing a retro-tinted game like 

Streets Of Rage 4

having a controller like this - with that old school feel - really adds to the experience. But even with newer games (we were playing a lot of 

God Of War

- one of the

best PS4 games

- during this review), this controller is very much up to the task.

Almost always a delight

Even though it's cheap, it doesn't feel flimsy or weightless. It's got the right amount of heft and feels like a proper controller all the time while you're playing with it. It's also got some decent rumble vibrations, which you might not expect for a bargain option like this.

Again, it lacks the bells and whistles of fancier controllers in the feel department - you won't be able to take this apart or customise it to your needs in any meaningful way, at least not via official means, but it will almost always get the job done.

There was only really one type of gameplay where this controller didn't quite match up to our expectations/needs: there are some fiddly moments in

God Of War 

where you have to trace your knife over a locked door to find the sensitive points, and in a few of these moments we longed to have a more high-end controller with greater sensitivity and range of movement. But with everything else, especially casual play, this is a winner.


The Snakebyte Gamepad 4S controller is just £33 on Amazon

Price - Score 100

It's hard to argue with the price of the Snakebyte Gamepad 4S wireless PS4 controller.

Coming in around

£30 on Amazon

, this is very much a wallet-friendly option if you're looking for a cheap PS4 controller to bolster your multiplayer capabilities and tide you over until the

PS5 controller

arrives on the scene.

And considering that you're getting an actually-good controller for this low price, with a range of designs to choose from, what's not to love?


The Snakebyte Gamepad 4S controller is just £33 on Amazon

Our Score


  • Very low price
  • Great range of designs - like the retro one!
  • Feels great and does the job


  • Could do with slightly more sensitivity
  • Doesn't have the official PlayStation branding

Basically, if you're looking for a cheap PS4 controller, this is definitely one worth considering! You won't get the fancy features of a




option, but you'll get a sturdy piece of kit that does the job nicely without breaking the bank.


The Snakebyte Gamepad 4S controller is just £33 on Amazon

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