Gioteck WX4 Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch Review

Anyone with a Nintendo Switch will know that the standard 'joycons' aren't exactly traditional in their build.

I often find that without a rubber grip specifically designed to bulk out the Switch, my hands begin to cramp, making extended gaming periods VERY uncomfortable.

With huge 'AAA' RPG games like


and, more recently,

CD Projekt Red's

The Witcher 3

being ported to the Switch, gamers should be looking to buy a more 'traditional' controller for longer sessions.

So, if you're looking for a new Nintendo Switch controller with a more conventional feel, the

Gioteck WX4 wireless controller

offers a more affordable option.

Performance - Score 72

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When using the Gioteck controller I made sure to play a plethora of different games to find out what the controller was best suited for, including,

Smash Bros


Breath Of The Wild


The Witcher 3


When the Switch is docked on your TV, the controller is perfect for picking up and playing games like

The Witcher 3

right away. It can connect through a wire instantaneously, or you can go wireless very easily (you just have to wait a few seconds for the pairing process).

Not only did the controller perform well, but the only fault I found was that the analogue sticks could be too responsive! (An easy fix in the settings of most games.)

The battery life was very decent - lasting for, (by my count) at least 6 hours and counting!

Quality - Score 60

Gioteck's Switch controller looks and feels very much like their budget

PS4 controller

- following the traditional style of a PlayStation controller you can't fault Gioteck on their design decisions. (Side note: through a wire, you can also use this controller on PS3 and PC.)

The Gioteck WX4 may be cheap, but it doesn't feel it. Although it lacks any significant extra features or customisation options, it has the glossy sleek look we have come to expect from console controllers and is incredibly light.

As someone who uses my Switch on the daily commute, this is an essential feature. You want a controller that is easy to carry in your bag and can be whipped out easily when on the train or bus. For longer (sweatier) gaming sessions the controller may start to feel slightly clammy due to its glossy case.

However, having used the Gioteck for periods of around an hour at a time, the comfort it provides over the standard joycons is perhaps it's best feature!

Price - Score 100

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Nintendo's pro controller offering comes in at a whopping

£52.99 on Amazon

- a price that the majority of Switch fans will see as too much, especially when you consider the calibre of games you are playing.

On the price front, the Gioteck WX4 cannot be beaten, retailing at half the price of the pro controller

at £24.99


The controller comes in red, black, blue and silver - a style for every mood.

Our Score


  • Very cheap
  • Very light
  • Provides a 'pro controller' feel
  • Can connect by wire with PS3 and PC


  • Sometimes too responsive
  • Can get a bit clammy
  • Lacks customisation features

Overall, the Gioteck WX4 for Nintendo Switch is the perfect 'pro controller' for owners of Nintendo's latest console. While we wait for a

Nintendo Switch Pro

to be announced, this controller is a great way to make your current Switch feel a bit fancier.

Not only can you get it for an incredibly reasonable price, but it outperforms the stock Switch controls by a long-shot in terms of extended gaming.

If you are someone who only plays games like

Smash Bros



then this might not be for you, however, if you are into the growing number of open-world RPG's that are coming to the Switch this is a must-buy accessory.

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