PS5 Controller on Steam: Steam now lets you customise the DualSense controller LED

One week after the PS5 launched, Steam added support for the next-gen console's controller - the DualSense. The DualSense controller has widely been praised by PlayStation 5 owners for its impressive haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that distinguish it from any other console controller.

Another feature of the DualSense pertains to its LED bar around the perimeter of the touchpad, denoting which controller is being used by which player. While most PS5 owners will only see this LED light in blue or red during their gameplay, PC and Steam users can now change the LED light as they choose.

Here's everything you need to know about customising the DualSense's LED...

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How to customise DualSense LED in Steam

To customise the LED, first connect your DualSense to your PC via a USB cable or Bluetooth.

Once connected, open up Steam's settings and go to Controller. Here, click on General Controller Settings, which will then open Steam's Big Picture Mode.

The Big Picture Mode should then have identified and detected your PS5 controller. Click on its name and then select Preferences. This will then open up a new tab, allowing you to customise your PS5 controller. If you use the colour slider, you will see that the LED light on your PS5 controller will have changed.

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Which colour will you choose?

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Can you customise the DualSense LED on PS5?

Unfortunately, players cannot customise their DualSense controllers LED when using the PlayStation 5.

Instead, the LED light can be utilised by developers to give visual indicators to players, with Resident Evil 3 using the LED to display how much health the player has left (Moving from green to amber, and to red). Similarly, GTA V used the flashing red and blue of the DualShock 4 when players were being chased by the police.

However, there is no such option for PS5 owners to tailor the LED light to their suiting. Looks like we're stuck with the blue LED light, at least for now.

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