Do you need an NVIDIA graphics card for GeForce Now?

Cloud gaming services are very useful nowadays. NVIDIA'S GeForce Now is among the most prominent of them, of course.

It was first called as the NVIDIA GRID way back its beta version was launched in 2013.

Yet with the cloud gaming service being an NVIDIA-affiliated one, do you also need an NVIDIA graphics card to use it?

Well the answer is... let's find out.

Do you need an NVIDIA graphics card for GeForce Now?

And the answer is, no. You don't need an NVIDIA card to use GeForce Now.

The question was answered on a Reddit page for NVIDIA topics called r/ShieldAndroidTV.

You can use GeForce Now no matter what GPU you are using. It doesn't need to be an NVIDIA one.

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GeForce Now and Gamestream

There are two methods two play your PC games in NVIDIA's Shield TV.

The first one is the GeForce Now which does not require you to use an NVIDIA graphics card.

The other one, called Gamestream, will require you to use one. So, you'd better stick to GeForce Now if you don't have an NVIDIA graphics card!

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