First game-changing update for Balatro enters Steam Beta testing phase

balatro gameplay
Credit: Playswitch

balatro gameplay
Credit: Playswitch


  • Patch will first enter Steam Beta testing for probably about a week.
  • Update will lower stakes for all antes or difficulty levels
  • Jokers will now be marked as either Rentals or Perishables.
  • Patch will also address two small bugs in Balatro.

The best-selling rogue-like deck builder, Balatro, is due for its first update, Patch 1.0.1. Developer LocalThunk has rolled out the patch for Steam Beta testing before making it available to the playing community.

LocalThunk’s deck-building rogue game, Balatro, made waves when released in February. It became available across various platforms, including Switch and the Steam Deck, and hit 1 million players in just a few weeks. Roughly two months after its release, the game is ready to receive its first update, Patch 1.0.1.

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To ensure the update works correctly, the developer said the game will enter testing on the Steam Beta platform before becoming publicly available. The Steam Beta phase will commence on Sunday, April 14.

However, the developer did not specify a release date but said the testing might conclude in “probably about a week.”

One of the biggest changes the update brings is the reduction of ante stakes across the board, which will make entry easier for new players in the future. It will also introduce two new mechanics for Joker cards: Perishable and Rental.

Specifically, if a card has been marked as “Perishable,” it becomes unavailable for use after five rounds. On the other hand, Jokers marked as “Rentals” will now require an upfront payment of $1 and then a cost of $3 for every round used.

The patch will also remedy two bugs. One of these is a bug that allows the player to still open a booster pack even if the hand size is zero, and the other is an issue that keeps bosses from debuffing a card generated by Certificate.

Aside from this update, the developers also promised in a previous Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session that they would work on making Joker history a feature in the game. During the AMA, they also said they are working on an Android and iPhone port of Balatro.

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