Will Faster RAM Improve FPS?

Upgrading your current RAM to a faster model may potentially improve your FPS in games, although this depends on the type of processor installed in your system.

PC's that use a Ryzen processor often use 3600 MHz RAM while the PC's that use Intel processor has been known to use 2400 MHz RAM with barely any loss in performance.

Let's see if getting faster RAM will improve your gaming experience!

Will Faster RAM Improve FPS?

Installing faster RAM can potentially improve your gaming PC's performance, but will they increase your FPS in games? That depends if your gaming experience is CPU bottlenecked or GPU bottlenecked; if it is a CPU bottleneck, then installing faster RAM can potentially allow for a small improvement in FPS.

Faster RAM Improve FPS
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The Ryzen processors feature the Infinity Fabric technology. This technology facilitates the data and control transmissions across the CPU and the installed RAM. The Ryzen processors can enjoy a performance boost when upgrading your RAM speed up to 3600 MHz; after that, the RAM cost is too high to be worth it for many gaming PCs.

Intel processors don't utilize the same technology and, as such, may not have as big of a benefit from upgrading their RAM. The benefit from upgrading your RAM with an Intel processor is usually very minimal and often is overlooked; Intel processors have been known to use 2400 MHz RAM speed with little-to-no loss in performance.

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