Why has ASUS put a tiny 3.5-inch monitor on the ROG Ryujin liquid cooler?

When owning a PC that has its sole purpose on games, it's important to make sure that the enclosure is sufficiently cooled.

It's great having the most powerful components installed, but without good airflow, there's more chance of seeing more shutdowns than playing a game.

Manufacturers have many cooling components that help with this to make sure that everything is sufficiently cooled, but ASUS seem to have taken this to another level, by adding a 3.5" screen.

So lets look into why ASUS have decided to add a screen to its cooling unit.

What's the cooler?

As hinted on their own site, the 'ROG Ryujin II 240' has a 3.5 inch LCD display that can show lights, custom graphics and system statistics.

It looks like it can be held on its own, so there's no extra steps for the display to be screwed down in the PC case, for risk of getting in the way of any components nearby.

ROG Ryujin II 240
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It was announced during its 'For those to Dare' presentation back at CES a fortnight ago, and while only fleetingly shown, its the one product that's caught the eye most.

There's been no date announced for this cooler as yet, but it wouldn't be a surprise for it to be launched very soon, especially after the attention its receiving.

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But, why?

This is the main question really. There have been other components such as RAM and Motherboards that have had their own LCD screens.

However as a cooler, it may be beneficial to see the temperature of the enclosure, while also seeing how fast the fans are going, and whether they need adjusting.

Again though, its something that could be easily displayed on your monitor, in 4K if needs must.

But if you want it, just because, then ASUS are sure to announce its release date soon.

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