VIDEO: Hilarious VR tech simulates the feeling of flying

Virtual reality headsets have come a long way since the days of the 'Virtual Boy' by Nintendo.

Now, all-engrossing games such as 'Half Life Alyx' and 'Star Trek; Bridge Crew' have you in their worlds completely, redefining what a single-player experience means.

However, it's not the end for games there; the next plateau, is flying. Many want that feeling of becoming Superman/Supergirl, and VR has a great entry-point in that.

Which is why a company have come up with a solution for this called 'Birdly'.

What is the 'Birdly'?

Thought up by a company called 'Somniacs', they offer a couple of models for the 'Birdly', where you simply lay across this machine, and while wearing a VR headset, give you the feeling of flight.

The tweet below shows it in action, and while its size may not be able to fit most apartments, it would certainly achieve that feeling of becoming Superman/Supergirl.

It comes loaded with certain experiences that are tailored to the machine, where they state "...offers customized VR content production for the Birdly® interactive platform. Signature content can include sponsor branding and ‘micro-experiences’ – fun little surprises for fliers to discover and explore. The sky’s the limit!"

At first glance, it looks like an aeroplane, and its huge fan may give credence to the fact that it may be significantly loud when being used.

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Is it Available?

Their site certainly states that it is, but it seems due to the ongoing 'COVID-19' pandemic, they are unable to ship for the moment.

This also means that its price is not available, but one can guess it being in the thousands of dollars.

However, when it is, and you're wanting to turn a room into a VR rom exclusively, the 'Birdly' may just scratch that itch of becoming your favourite superhero.

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