OWC introduces the U2 Shuffle; a drive that can house up to FOUR NVMe M.2 SSDs

Storage is something that's always on the minds of someone who has a PC, a Mac or even an iPad.

It can cause anxiety as soon as you see the 'free' bar past the halfway mark when checking its available storage.

While external drives and online storage is a great help, OWC have come up with something really useful for those who have spare M.2 SSDs laying around, to give them a new lease of life.

Thanks to their 'U2 Shuttle', it could expand the storage of your machine while also giving your old M.2 SSDs a new use.

U2 Shuttle Overview

To anyone not aware, an M.2 NVMe is an SSD stick that can house a lot of storage. Many use it as their primary drive to store Windows and other essential files on their computer, so it can start up as fast as it can, while having a mechanical drive for storage, such as Steam and Epic games.

As prices get lower and storage becomes higher over time, there's an increasing appearance of M.2 SSD drives being discarded due to bigger storage replacements.

This 'U2 Shuttle' solves this, by storing up to four of these in one enclosure, and it can then be accepted by a PC as another storage option.

While you can just buy the enclosure on its own for $149, you can also buy it with M.2 drives already installed, from 1TB for $339, all the way up to 16TB for $3,379.

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Its Best Uses

There's plenty of situations where the 'U2 Shuttle' can help a PC owner. It could house their entire Steam library for example.

Or if someone works as a Video Editor, having legacy storage laying around will be a given, so to have an enclosure that stores these for a newer use is a tantalising idea.

Storage is only going to get bigger and cheaper in the coming years. There was a time when a 512mb card for a PSP retailed for £55; now you can have the same but for 512GB instead.

Perhaps soon OWC will bring out an external variant, one with USB-C so it could be compatible with tablets and laptops as well; but as it stands, the U2 Shuttle is a great idea for those needing more storage.

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