NVIDIA's GTX 3090 is FINALLY in stock, but there's a high-price to pay

NVIDIA's GeForce 3090 is seen as a monster; both in performance and design.

Its a mammoth graphics card, with its three-fans only just fitting into most of gamers' PC enclosures, alongside its huge performance gains over the GeForce 2080 Super.

But of course, its stock has been an issue since it was announced late last year, with customers chomping at the bit for any stock replenishment.

However, there may be a small chink of light, thanks to Overclockers UK...

Where is it in Stock?

Checking the 3090 section at Overclockers UK, there are plenty of cards that are showing as 'in stock'.

While its price may still shock some at £1759.99, it gives some gamers a future-proof card for the next two years at least.

From Palit's GeForce 3090 variant, to the Inno3D GeForce 3090, they're all showing as '12+ in stock', so if you've been waiting for a 3090 upgrade; now's the time.

If you've already ordered one, make sure that your PC has a PSU of 850W minimum, alongside the space for the card in your case.

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What Have The Benchmarks Said for the 3090?

While you wait for shipping confirmation, there's been plenty of videos to highlight the power of the card.

Marques Brownlee, of MKBHD, showcased a fantastic playthrough of playing some games in 8K resolution, at 60FPS.

Of course, it depends if you have a monitor at 8K, but if you don't, and you're still flying with a 1440P or 4K display, you're not going to be struggling for high frame rates anytime soon.

This may be the start of something regarding stock of NVIDIA's 30x0 GPU line. With rumours of the 2060 coming back to alleviate the lack of 3070 stock, it could be a stop-gap before we suddenly see stock of that and the 3080 appear very soon.

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