NVIDIA GeForce 3080 Super rumoured: Specs, Price, Features, Release Date

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It's no secret that NVIDIA struggled with availability with the GPU 30 Series, due to bots and scammers buying up all the available stock, and barely any loyal customers being able to buy a new GPU.

However, this incident doesn't seem to have fazed the company, with rumours of them announcing even more variants of their graphics cards soon.

While the GeForce 3080 has already been established as the main show of the 30 series, a 'Super' variant could be worth the wait for some who have been waiting for replenished stock.

With that, here's what NVIDIA may be preparing for the 3080 Super.


Think of this as a supercharged 3080 GPU; it's the card that will be around until NVIDIA announced the 40 Series in a few years time. This card is here to stay.

This is what we suspect the specs will be:

  • 9500 Cores
  • 12GB GDDR6 Memory
  • 384-Bit Memory Bus
  • 760 GB Bandwidth

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While there's no price confirmed as yet, it's best to look at the 3080 itself, currently retailing around £820.

It would make sense for a powerful variant of this card to be slightly higher; perhaps even at £949, to justify its 'Super' name.

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Release Date

While there's no release date as yet, rumours are abound for the 3070 to appear in some capacity at NVIDIA's event next week at CES.

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