NVIDIA GeForce HotFix 461.33 released to address SteamVR bugs

While NVIDIA tries to solve its stock issue, it's not the only task that it has.

With millions out there having their GPU's installed in their computers, there's going to be occasions where games may crash or not start up at all due to the driver that's installed.

This has been occurring with some SteamVR games over the last month, with some crashing or lagging in framerate for no reason.

Thankfully, NVIDIA has released a quick hotfix to relieve users of these issues.

What was the issue?

Alongside the freezes, the crashes and reduced framerate from time to time in SteamVR, there are also other issues that, while less rare, have still been occurring for some users.

From 'Detroit: Become Human' and 'Assassin's Creed: Valhalla' crashing at random moments, Adobe's Creative Suite of apps have also been prone to freezing at random moments.

These hotfixes would usually be released every few months, especially when a large-scale game would release, such as 'Cyberpunk 2077'.

However, it looks like NVIDIA are changing tack, with quicker, smaller updates that may help alleviate some frustrations some users have been experiencing.

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What's Fixed?

The full patch notes for 461.33 are here, but here's the main issues fixed:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro may freeze when using Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration (CUDA) [3230997/200686504]
  • [461.09] NVIDIA Broadcast Camera filter may hang. [200691869]
  • [Steam VR game]: Stuttering and lagging occur upon launching a game (Without using any Hardware monitoring tool). [3152190]
  • [Detroit: Become Human]: The game randomly crashes. [3203114]
  • [NVENC] Colors of webcam video image on receiving end of Zoom may appear incorrect [3205912]
  • [Assassin's Creed Valhalla] Game may randomly crash after extended gameplay [200679654]
  • [X4: Foundations] [Vulkan]: The game may crash on GeForce RTX 30 series GPUs. [3220107]
  • [X4: Foundations] [Vulkan]: HUD in the game is broken. [3169099]

NVIDIA have also recommended to contact them if you experience any other issues once this hotfix is installed.

Going forward, if more hotfix updates are on their way, AMD could soon follow for theirs, considering their last update was in November.

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