NVIDIA GeForce 3060 ULTRA leaks, showcasing more power than a RTX 3060

As we begin 2021, new hardware from both Intel and NVIDIA are already leaking out; further tempting upgraders with components that want to upgrade their PC with.

Graphics cards are the main crux here; with constant releases and graphical features such as ray-tracing and DLSS, customers have been biding their time, saving their gold coins for a new GPU.

Which is why a leaked variant of the GeForce 3060 has appeared, showing an 'Ultra' version, and touting faster speeds than the regular RTX 3060.

With that, let's see what this new GPU entails, and when it could be announced.

Why Ultra?

Thanks to WCCFTech, we can see that the 'Ultra' variant will have 12GB of GDDR6 memory, a 192-bit memory bus and obviously on the 'Ampere' archietecutre.

With the 3060 priced at around £350, and the 3070 at £470, there's definitely space for a variant to fit in-between these.

A GPU at the £400 mark could appeal to those who want to play games at full-speed in 1440P, or even just Fortnite and Among Us.

The design looks similar to the regular 3060, with its three-fan design and possibly a single HDMI output, with 3 DisplayPort alongside.

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When is it Out?

With CES 2021 coming next week for three days, albeit remotely from Las Vegas, there's rumours that NVIDIA are announcing the 3060 Ultra, alongside stock updates for the rest of the 30 Series line.

However, NVIDIA are showcasing an event on the 12th January, at 5PM GMT.

This looks to be the strongest possibility that we will see confirmation of the 3060 Ultra, alongside other variants.

With stock still hard to come by, it will be a tall challenge from NVIDIA to see if they can announce new products, while also being able to calm fears that the backorders for these will run into the second half of 2021.

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